The Guardian, Dilton, and Talking Horses

talking horsesIf you’ve been a regular reader of The Guardian’s Talking Horses column, you might have seen the news that it has been severely pared. Monday and Saturday are the two days it will now appear in The Guardian online.

Some of the regular contributors are looking at ways to keep the column – or at least its comments facility – going via a separate website. We (a few regulars) are discussing the best way to do this (as of today May 4th 2021) and I’ll update this when we have more news.

If you have been a Talking Horses (TH) reader or have commented there, and you’re interested in seeing a new version online, leave a comment here along with your TH alias. If you’d rather not be public with it you can email me (please put Talking Horses in the subject line). Indeed, if you have never read TH but are interested in a forum type outlet on horse racing, feel free to join in.

Best wishes


  1. Hello Joe,

    Dilton did not send me, however, I am already in correspondence with him regarding his tipping information and French horses.

    You kindly made the introduction sometime ago.

    The email I sent you on Friday was regarding advice on Covid from research I am using while travelling. I sent it directly as I was not allowed to post it on Talking Horses in response to a research link from Quaidesbrumes.

    My TH name is dirtynorthernbastard.

    Have a good Sunday.


    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Joe,
    I would be interested in a new Talking Horses setup, my TH name was jakebuckfast.


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