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Just a warning for you if you’ve subscribed to emails on my blog; there will be one every day for at least the next few months that will be a vehicle to allow commenting on racing in general.

You might have seen previous posts about The Guardian and its Talking Horses section … Briefly, Talking Horses, a long time commenting column on the Guardian’s racing pages, is being wound right down. What I am trying to do for the next few months is provide a platform for regulars of TH to find out if it is worth investing in a separate, standalone site.

So, kindly bear with me when these emails arrive. And, by the way, the comments section won’t be restricted to TH regulars; anyone can comment.

I won’t be blogging again on racing until the new NH season, bar one or two exceptions, and you’ll see these exceptions from the title of the blog article.

You might be interested in following James Flaherty’s blog. He writes well and is a good judge with a nice profit in the past year.

All the best.


  1. Joe, just an initial comment from a “user experience” perspective.

    It appears we have to complete our name / email every time we post. Have you thought about some sort of log in / registration which would remove this requirement and make it more seamless / user friendly ?

    It’s by no means the end of the world as for me it automatically pops up with my credentials but some people may not have that enabled on their phone or computer etc…. Anyway, just an initial bit if feedback.

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