1. Hunt Cup 2 against the field.Escobar 28’s and Bowerman 50’s for 8 places.Don’t think it’s the greatest renewal and can see the horses at the head of the handicap having a better time of it than they usually do.On a sidenote : Rakhine State looks overpriced at 25/1 in the 4.00 at Uttoxeter


    1. I’ve done two as well Brunch 15s and Mat Flinders 12s, 6 places EW, and a speculative forecast. Only other bet: 3.05 Kyprios @12-1, was meant to be EW, but hit wrong button, so win only!

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  2. So after a poor day EW (Sir Busker and Blue Cup – 4 places Betfred – excepted) going shorter prices and Wesley Ward today. Twilight Gleaming (Wesley); Dancing King (can’t get too excited about any of the classier looking horses and this one could well see them off); Lady Bowerthorpe (as Greg has pointed out Queen Power is better value but this one still looks to be improving and is still probably under-rated); Will go with Greg and Armory as have little opinion of my own; Finest Sound, there’ll be some better handicapped no doubt but Finest doesn’t always do too much and could still have some small improvement in a big field and has good course form; Ruthin (Wesley); Lights On, speed rating a bit of concern but can’t help but think Stoute has had this one mapped out for a while. Boring selections in the main with no real insight, but you never know, could be the way to go. Good luck all.


    1. I’m with you. Yesterday wasn’t amazing for me. Today is a minefield. Cracking day of races but il just be watching most of them.

      Twilight gleaming
      Lady bowthorpe

      Small Ascot Trixie

      2 of interest at my local track Hamilton –
      1.30 Emeralds pride 3-1 Nap
      2.10 Ninky Nonk 5-4

      Good luck


    1. Reply to DNB

      Love has her conditions for sure. In a way I hope she lives up to the expectation. Still not sure myself. Long lay off and had never ran against colts.
      I’m against her to my peril no doubt. You with her today?

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      1. Been with her all the way and holding a win bet and double with Palace Pier. I’m currently casting spells to ward off the rain as Mohaafeth also features and I’m still getting over Soggy Cooper’s attack on the Derby.


  3. Hello , great to see this up and running, thank you…just a test comment today…don’t quite know how to post/it works…good luck with your bets! Pat H/bacciodilupo…


  4. The ITV commentary was amusing as there was a welter of discussion about the draw meaning that horses on the far(?) side did not stand a chance. Luke Harvey spent ages looking for a jockey to interview about it before the 30 runner race. Francesca et al banged on about it. However, Marco Ghiani hosed up on that very side on Real World. As usual, commentators carry on as if theyhave never heard of being red faced with embarrassment.

    My day was saved by Chipotle in the 17.35 (sorry, Joe) which made up for all the other many losses I suffered with about £2 to the good. Regulars will know my stakes are always small ones.

    I was impressed by a TH poster yesterday (Ramned) who tipped Rashoun 66-1 winner.

    I had high hopes for Stunning Beauty this evening and my biggest bet on it, but was relieved to find Skybet voided it almost immediately.

    What will the weather do to chances tomorrow?

    I expect Dilton will be praying for rain at Longchamp in September after Love’s performance today. Thank goodness no moderators here.

    Looks like Gosden’s stable cat is next up.

    Good luck to all.


    1. Hi Quai, A family success from the punting viewpoint on Real World, I believe? Well done. That victory must have been a while in the planning – first run on turf, first at the trip. The genius that is Hugh Taylor from attheraces tipped it at 50/1. Scroll to the foot of the page at the attached link for his reasoning. Hugh has a fair claim on the best tipster I’ve ever read, if not the best ever.


      1. Fantastic effort there. Time difference where I am means I rarely see/remember to look at his tips, but everyone says he is one out of the box, and that selection would indicate that he is head and shoulders above many.

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