1. Definitely agree. I usually vow after the first day to leave the rest of Ascot alone but always get sucked back in.


  2. Definitely agree. I usually vow after the first day to leave the rest of Ascot alone but always get sucked back in.


  3. Re: (over)watering. Can this be tackled from a water conservation/environmental/economic angle? For example, Ascot CoC reported that 4mm of water was applied to the track overnight on Tuesday 15th. Using the BHA Racecourse Manual’s minimum Flat turf width of 30 yards (Ascot’s width may be measured on Google Earth, but I have other things to do), to apply 4mm of water uniformly over 5 furlongs, and 30 yds. width requires approx. 8100 gallons of water (36,789 litres). At a cost of pounds 0.7 per litre (AgriSmart – Agricultural Water Network), that’s pounds 25,752. If racecourses are being charged less that the water rate for farming, what is the justification? Is there a tax rebate applicable and why? Can the local authorities find alternative uses for this water, especially in summer?


  4. Well, hopefully nobody has followed anything I’ve posted (surely you’re all wiser than that?). But we crack on regardless. Apparently Ascot has largely avoided the rain, so in the first I fancy Go Bears Go but for those of you who like whispers, this particular area of North Yorkshire has been awash with rumours about how good Project Dante of Brian Smart’s is for a while now, I’ll have to stick with Mohaafeth to try ang get back the Derby ante post money I lost, Noon Star is the nap of the week (might have preferred more rain tbh), Stradivarius is too obvious to ignore, pin can’t even find a horse to back in the 5pm, Surrey Gold in the 5.35 and Boardman in the last (Ffifon didn’t do its collateral form any damage yesterday when finishing 2nd in the last. Good luck – we need it!


    1. Hadn’t heard the whispers but picked Project Dante after looking his York run. Have gone Secret Protector 3.05 and Eshaada 3.40. Like you I can’t see past Stradivarius and then went ‘horse blind’ wading through the 5.00 and stopped trying.
      Best of luck.


  5. A couple of notes – because the settings have been changed to save always having to input your email, you might simply come up as ‘anonymous’ when posting. Please add your name in the post.

    Also, if you have not posted before (and had that post published by me approving it) it might seem that the post has not been accepted, tempting you to post again. But your original will just be pending, awaiting approval.

    Finally, for now, I’m avoiding loser backing by playing golf this afternoon, so some comments might not be approved until this evening.

    Good luck


  6. Morning Joe

    I too am golfing this pm, hope the humidity dies down a little!!

    At Ascot I am all over the Ribblesdale and particularly Ad Infinitum. Well regarded by the yard, I think the manner of her victory at Goodwood came as a surprise nonetheless. She travelled and quickened so well in the middle of the race before tiring and looking unbalanced up the camber (was that a carry on movie??) towards the end.

    I think this is a cracking 20-1 poke to improve past a few at the top of the market.

    Enjoy your golf

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  7. One Ruler is my shortest price one today, then three EW all backed at 28-1; Twighlight Payment, Qaader and Marshall Plan. Can’t say I’m confident, but will enjoy the racing today, as driving 500 miles back to Devon tomorrow.


    1. ”’ but will enjoy the racing today, as driving 500 miles back to Devon tomorrow”
      Ascot to Devon 500 miles? I’d get that sat-nav looked at..


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