Talking Horses Monday 21/06/21 Solstice

A bit like the Euros so far, the flat season hasn’t really taken off for me. Although I rarely bet seriously on the flat, I keep in touch enough to at least get the sense of how things are going. It seems to me we’re just lurching from meeting to meeting without any great anticipation. Maybe it’s covid hangover, but in recent years we shouldn’t forget that NH racing stirs many more hearts these days than flat racing. Or maybe I just can’t shake my bias.

On the ‘housekeeping’ side of this new blog, I’m still working on trying to make it as easy as possible to leave a comment without losing all sense of community when a post is tagged ‘anonymous’ by the system. More soon. Have a peaceful day.



  1. Hard to be dogmatic about it but I possibly agree, perhaps because there was no outstanding 2 yr old to look forward to? It might be we have some very good 3 yr olds in the Derby and Oaks winners (15 lengths!) , an exceptional miler in Poetic Flare (with the possibility that Master of the Seas is even better!) and the decidedly useful looking Mohaafeth (and that’s ignoring the Sprinters/Stayers and Love) but none of the classic generation were exactly screaming superstar as 2 yr olds. Not having full crowds perhaps limits our appreciation also (Cheltenham wasn’t the same for me – though that could be my pocket talking also).


    1. I wonder if we’ll be looking forward so much to the Cheltenham Festival from 2023. Marcus Armytage reports this morning that it will go to 5 days from then. How come profit always triumphs even in a non profit company like the Jockey Club? They’ll doubtless say that they thought long and hard, blah, blah, blah, but I suspect the true conversation contained something like, ‘only the purists will be angry for any length of time’.

      The least they could do here is move all the graded races to the first three days and run the others on Friday and Saturday. Those who care only about betting and socialising won’t give a toss about that, so the JC profits won’t be weakened. And the seats left empty by the purists who slip quietly off home on Thursday evening will be easily filled.

      Capitalism rules. OK?


      1. If it goes to 5 days they will dilute the graded races throughout the card to ensure maximum income. It’s a very poor decision. I think the Dublin Festival of racing in February may well be my NHF next year.


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