1. I’ve spent the last week going through the Ascot race times etc. Couple of quick things which might be of interest .
    Loves race was ran at a crawl ,time was hopeless . AOB was reported as saying he had held her back waiting for decent ground as she doesn’t like it soft which essentially knocks her Arc chances, apart from her never running a time or beaten anything any good that would suggest shes stands any chance at all.

    Palace Piers race was also slowly run on ground which hes never encountered . He had to be niggled and didn’t let himself down on it and hung as if feeling something. I cant see him beating Bolgers horse if they do meet on similar ground.


    1. Evening Dilton
      I emailed Joe some weeks ago about passing on my details re your charity bets. Is it still available? Hope the boss is well. We’re going through similar with nice at the moment so have some understanding.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that and wish your niece all the best .
    Just send your email address …………. I will add you to the email list .


  3. Best I can do is Passional 13.00 Yarmouth (I try to resist Yarmouth, but hey..) Short odds, but I just need a bit of fun.


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