1. I can’t help myself and I’ll follow you in. Though I fear it’s the same old song I’ll sing given recent form.


  1. I don’t bet on a Monday as a rule as I always struggle to find a winner. Instead I’ll be sticking the free bet from Sky on the Arc.


  2. Interesting article by Cookie in the post today about owners using cash out rather than lay to circumvent current regulations.

    Envega in the first at Windsor for me tonight. Short price but hopefully for a reason.


  3. Buicks deliberate manouevre in the Derby cost him only 2 days to add to the 11 he has already. Hes the Fernandinho of the weighing room.
    Thought Billy Two Rivers would have proud of Pepes off the ball forearm smash last night.


    1. Re Dilton
      Haha I did wonder when I’d see a comment from you about Buick.
      Frankie might have been laughing but must have wanted to slap him after watching the replay.

      Pepe was a dead cert for a card after half time


  4. My complete LACK of modesty allows me to point out that Carrigillhy was 7/2 when put up. My shamefaced audacity allows me to be a tad forgetful of yesterday’s effort.


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