1. Almadrina in the 2,00 at Brighton looks day’s safest bet but as currently just odds on I’ll go for Inner Circle in the 1.00 at Brighton which is trading at 6/1 and I had thought was worth a bet at the 7/2 it was last night – no idea why it has drifted so much, will probably find out at about 1.03.


  2. It’s Scotland for me. Smullen (and we miss him) in the 2.15 at Hamilton, doubled up with Dulla Bhatti in the 3.20.


  3. Having got off to such a successful start on the flat yesterday, I’ll show I know just as little about the jumps today!! Cracking card at Stratford this evening and Admiral’s Sunset jumps off the “Page” there for me in the 7.00.


  4. Nothing like picking a horse in a 17 runner handicap over 6F, but I’m going for Our Man In Havana under a 5lb penalty to clean up in the 18:50 at Chepstow and hoover up the prize money. It would be more appropriate for him to run at Brighton (Rock) to get his pinkie in front. At least he shouldn’t be greene in running and I’m hoping the power and the glory will be his, or will he be merely the third man home.

    In other news, I read that Fernandinho may extend his contract for another year. Dilton will be very pleased to see a regular source of income extended.

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    1. Yep ,delighted with the news ,especially when I read his comments ” the jobs not finished ” . More yellows and reds on their way .


  5. As one’s come to be the case, no comments allowed on Greg’s piece yesterday about Zarooni. It begs the question though, once a trainer’s been warned off for such an offence can he just be given licence to run horses in that same country? And another, are there really enough owners willing to give him horses?


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