Talking Horses Friday July 2nd 2021

Three good winners given in the comments section yesterday, and the blog landed its nap for the 3rd day in a row. Onwards and upwards into Friday.

Attempting to land four in a row for the blog we go to Bellewstown for the 4.55 where the nap is Eurocrat.

Please leave your nap for the day in the comments section below, and feel free to discuss anything else there.

Good luck.



    1. i’m going to oppose the Leeper with Euchen Glen who keeps winning races he has no obvious right to. Been a great year for him even if ive missed betting some of his more surprising wins. Nice to see a Goldie superstar of sorts.


        1. His recent runs have been amazing. And they seem to have found the key to running him – if he’s last half a mile out , you’re quids in!


        2. OT: on racing but not on yourself as an author. Are you a fan of John Connoly’s Charlie Parker series. Wonderful writer.


          1. I hope I’m not butting into the conversation…I agree re. John Connolly and the Charlie Parker books, superb!


            1. Don’t start with first one – its over done. But by time you get to book 4 or so he’s as good as Chandler. Better even and a lovely guy. hope you enjoy them

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  1. Am I allowed to say you don’t know what day of the week it is Joe? Keep the naps coming, whatever the day. Dancing Harry in the 4.40 at Sandown looks reasonable at about 6/1 for me.


      1. Give us Saturday’s results today and we’ll forgive you. Without going too far off topic, as an established senior, if I take a few days off work (i.e. schedule) I can easily lose track of days. Maybe I did as a kid as well, but it didn’t seem to matter? Apologies for diversion. A lot of racing today – too much?


    1. I just assumed Joe was right so have reprogrammed all devices to show today as Saturday!!

      I think there is a big bias still on the sprint course at Sandown to let’s go early and nap Kaboo to live up to the punting hype and get us off to a good start today.


  2. My best winner was a Chateauroux yesterday, Mark Cavendish, who won the stage (9-4), my biggest bet of the day. I had two other equine winners, one first time out (Oneforthegutter – terrible, terrible name), but I regret not being able to nap them here. Today, I shall try Ava Go Joe, 7.53 Beverley. 🙂


  3. I’ll take my nap win at 11/2 yesterday, but he only won because the first post the post Power Over Me was disqualified because the jockey weighed in 2lb light. Power Over Me won really well and probably worth backing in a similar handicap.

    Today’s nap is Jawwaal in the 14:45 at Doncaster.

    Like Quai I thought naming a horse Oneforthegutter is a terrible name, disrespectful, and not the slightest bit amusing.
    And for Quai, congratulations on your contributions to the TdF threads. They are informed, passionate, and thought provoking.

    Today I will be hitting a golf course down in Bradenton, about 45 miles South of me. I’ll be driven down in my friend’s Aston Martin (he bought that instead of the Lamborghini he’d rented at Christmas). Hopefully, he’ll drink a lot and I can drive it back to Tampa.


  4. Churchill Bay, 7.08 Haydock, came up on my tracker last night – been feeling crap all week so ignored the 20s. Had to take 12s a few minutes ago and now shorter. First bet of the month so fingers crossed.


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