Talking Horses Wednesday July 7th 2021

Two winners from Jonathan Dawe yesterday at 4/1 and 1/1: a cracker from Simon Thompson at 9/1 and an evens nap landed for Dirty Northerner.

The blog’s nap was a non runner. Today’s Nap is Golden Love in the 1.55 Yarmouth at 11/4.

Please leave your nap/tips in the comments section with the time of race. Also, a syndicate horse for Talking Horses has been discussed from time to time. If you have any thoughts on that, let us know.

Good luck



  1. After yesterday’s 8/1 nap, I’m on for a (unlikely) hatrick today (so no pressure!). In the hope that my luck doesn’t come screaming to a halt, I’m sticking with another Johnston horse to do the business today. My nap is Highland premier (catterick 14:55)


  2. Had several attempts to form a Guardian TH syndicate ,plenty of interest initially but then Covid struck and people could not commit understandably.
    My advice would be to set one up in France as the prize money is so much better, the extra premium payments are brilliant as well.
    I’ve good contacts there.


    1. Good idea financially, but members might want to see their horse regularly in the UK. What about putting a horse with somebody like Christian Williams who regularly sends horses to race in France? By the way, the cost of reserving a name is £88.50, but I believe you must have a horse first.


      1. It’s £188.50 and I will get onto Westherbys to see if it can be reserved in advance of finding a horse. Dilton has a good point about France and I am already in one over there with a young outfit. I take Joe’s point about wanting to see the beast run.


          1. Or I may be on the wrong link. I have an email from someone at Weatherby’s from earlier this year when we thought Cookie and Woodie’s page was about to disappear and I enquired then.
            I follow it up later today when my day’s work is quieter. Looks like there is interest on these pages.

            Master Christian is a decent call.

            Can I ask those who favour the jumps or the flat?

            I’m happy that Golden Love won for both of us. The horse needs to settle better, the extra furlong helped and there could be another win in the filly.


            1. Aye, if Pat hadn’t got her settled for another furlong she’d have lost that. I’m a jumps man, as you might guess. And I’m committed financially for now with a share in See The Eagle Fly who has just been moved to Christian Williams. But once I see what the costs are likely to be if this TH horse comes to fruition, I can make a decision.


      2. Well if members want to kiss goodbye to a fair few quid just for the pleasure of watching the horse run here ,fine. But it’s a no brainer .
        The go to horse today at Yarmouth in the trade ,Golden Love picked up a pittance ,after all the expenses etc the owners will be lucky to be left with anything .
        Now look at the first 2 races at Chantilly, decent money down to 5th plus the premiums. That level applies down in the Provinces as well and they are just gaffs really .
        The best idea is to buy a French bred filly ,run in filly races only as they are less competitive.


        1. One option would be to go French, as I agree it’s a no-brainier; then if we make a few quid we could do something for a smaller trainer over here.

          Yes, I know I’m a dreamer.


          1. Trained there opens up other opportunities into Germany ,Spain ,Belguim etc. If it’s good enough for here then it’s easy to come over but why bother when the value is to be trained in France . There will be plenty of yearling fillies available to lease and we can build in a clause with an option to buy if she proves any good. That way ,with no upfront outlay you can go after much better bred stock.
            Every race is available to watch on the FranceGallop associated site and our ” friends” at William Hill cover a lot as well with free viewing as does Betfair .
            Talking of Hills is it just me who gets the ” the price has changed ” everytime I try to put a bet on with them.


            1. Let’s explore the French option. My 5% stake in 2 horses is costing me £160 a month all in. They are due to run in August and October. Who is likely to be interested. I’d say we need 10 of us.

              As for Hills, I also cannot stand that little freeze on the system when you place a bet and it doesn’t register as you know this is a prelude for the price changing. These days I only use them the night before as they often have marginally better prices.


  3. With the current weather conditions here in Tampa, and tonight’s Stanley Cup game involving the Tampa Bay Lightning, the nap today is Feel The Thunder in the 17;05 at Catterick.


  4. I am late to post today on the runners, but the bets went on last night. The nap is Golden Love, Yarmouth 1.55, and I am honoured to be in the good company of Joe. Other interests are Her Way at Bath 5.35, similarly honoured to be in good company of Cookie; then Let Me Be, Catterick 3.30, in the esteemed company of Mickle, Then I’m worried to go against the current ace tipster RobJ in the 2.55 at Catty with Cashew. I must be nuts!

    Looking into my Dirty crystal ball – Benaud for the Triumph Hurdle.


  5. Re a syndicate, there’s a few of us can parley vous as well which might help along the way!!

    Crap ground at Lingfield ain’t my idea of fun so it’s off to the highest course in the country to see if Centurion Song can reverse form with the favourite now he has a pro jockey up top in the 5.05 at Bath.

    Bonne chance mes amis!


  6. Going for a Tom Marquand double in the 2.30 and 3.05 at Yarmouth. It’s a track I’ve never been to – certainly a long way away for us – is it worth a visit?


    1. Yarmouth is not a bad course, but beware of the winds coming from the German Ocean (check Google to see if name has changed) I think a straight mile and pretty flat. Yarmouth itself is pretty much a dump, However, 25 miles to the South is the small town of Southwold (where I lived for a couple of years) home to the renowned Adnam’s Brewery. A visit to Southwold should also include a stop off at Southwold Golf Club, where you can view a photograph of yours truly aged 17 (WTF happened). However, you would be better off heading North along the Norfolk coastline and visit some of the towns and villages there. A visit to Norfolk must include a visit to Norwich, a proper city with a Castle and impressive Cathedral.


  7. Joe, would be more than happy to form part of a syndicate.

    I may struggle to get to see him/her in the flesh and hope to never see him/her locally in Malta as we only do sulky racing 🙂

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  8. I’m very much a jumps person. I would love to be able to afford a share in a horse. Living in Italy, it’s unlikely I’d ever see it run in the flesh!! Great idea though.


    1. If it’s a jumper then there is a good prize in the Grand Premio di Merano. Some UK stables have entered in the past.


  9. God I hate nights like this when there is nothing on the tele.

    Sounds like we are looking for a multilingual jumper with a class 1 HGV licence who likes travelling between Malta, Italy, France, Portugal and maybe even the UK!! Over to you Dilton…

    As for the horses, sometimes the obvious is the way to go so I’m going with Boomshalaa in the 3.00 at HQ.

    Goodwood for me tomorrow, cars not horses mind.


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