Talking Horses Sunday July 11th 2021

Well, well, well, a fine day’s racing yesterday and a fine day’s tipping too from contributors, with Rob J landing the nap yet again with Native Trail at 11/4, and giving mentions to Starman and 20/1 runner up Mister Wagyu. Rob has been on song since the blog started; long may that continue.

Dirty Northerner still bang in form too with Starman, which would have been his nap I’m pretty sure, but his and the blog’s nap have often been the same of late, and DN wanted a change. I’ll come onto this factor later in the post.

A new contributor under ‘anonymous ‘ (perhaps El Gran Señor?) napped Santa Barbara at Belmont Park, a winner at just over evens.

Jonathan Dawe tipped Hüküm, Paul Wilcox Starman, and Mickle, Significantly.

The Steelman tipped 11/2 chance Motakayell, though, in the 5 o’clock Parachute let him down.

Have I missed someone who tipped First Light? I noted it in my first run through, but after 3 more attempts cannot find it?

The Blog napped Starman, which brings me back round to the point about the blog always having the first bite at tipping. It has to be that way as comments cannot be made until a blog post has been created. The tip could be left off and put in the comments but I don’t think that serves other visitors to the site well. There are many who visit to read but not post.

So, I suggest we have a different blog author regularly, every day if possible. Whoever wants to be involved in that please fill in the contact form on the site; I get that through as an email and we can organise a rota.

Staying with the practicalities of running this as it gets bigger, I think it’s important to highlight each day the successes of the previous day. But the blog is taking more and more time to go through all comments in the evening.

So, from after racing today, Sunday, please reply to your own post if you have napped or tipped a winner. I count tipped winners as anything you fancy beside your nap. I will pick it up from there and summarise that day’s Hitlist for publishing in the next day’s main article.

I see Harry has joined us and that his analysis is as sharp as it always was. I will take the liberty of making his post today’s main blog post, so the blog’s nap will be Harry’s pick, not mine. I will tag the post with the author’s name to allow readers, as time passes, to click the tag of each author and see all their main posts that carry the blog’s nap.

As blog author, you need not restrict yourself to tips; if there’s something you want to discuss, make your case in the post.

Oh, I noticed that a couple of you beside Harry left today’s tip on Saturday’s comments. The trouble with that is that no one will see them on today’s thread. Would you kindly cut and paste them as comments below this article?

Finally, if you want a separate thread on any subject – Galileo might be an example – just fill in that contact form I mentioned.

Many thanks.

Here’s Harrytheactor with today’s blog nap,

The race I am interested in is the Jean Prat (Deauville, 2.50). JC Rouget’s lightly raced filly VALLORIA has been brought along steadily. (I’ve been following her development since last autumn when Dilton mentioned her.) JC has few peers in nurturing talented fillies and she won with a deal in hand last time on ground with give. It will be very soft tomorrow but she has the ability to quicken off a slow Gallic pace. AOB sends two of his slightly disappointing but still highly rated 3yos, Wembley and Battleground. The former would be a topical winner on Euros final day, but quite honestly he looks as if he is being sent out of duty (thou shall not let a European Group 1 race go uncontested by this yard). He has been rated as high as 118 but the fact remains his sole win was a Roscommon maiden last year on bad ground. Battleground has shown no evidence that he will relish Deauville-style heavy, so again he looks a bit hit and hope to me. I do like the Rouget approach and Valloria sticks out as an interesting proposition – she will need to step up a notch but at 25/1 to four places she should give a fair account of herself.



  1. The following is completely off topic and I have no problem if you (Joe) delete it.

    In todays (Saturday) Guardian Euro 2020 As It Happened I posted BTL in response to a story ATL. It’s my first ever I think contribution to any Football story. Way too dangerous, but I did get a lot of positive responses so I hope you will indulge me.

    I too, like Patrick Wintour was at the 1966 WC Final. Unlike him, I have few memories of the day (I was only 9). At the time, we were living in Amersham, and rather than going by Tube, my father drove (probably in a Vauxhall Victor) us and like PW parked if I remember correctly pretty close by. My father slipped the guy at the entrance a ten bob note and lifted me over the gate. My father had a season ticket for 2 seats for all the games at Wembley (plus the one at White City). I had gone to the group games Eng v Mex, Mex v Fra, plus the QF, SF and 3rd/4th play off games, but only 1 ticket for the finl.

    We were sitting one row behind and a few seats to the right of Peter Cook & Dudley Moore. Of the game itself, I really only remember the delay after the 3rd goal, and the 4th goal at the other end of the pitch. After the game, we stopped off at my Aunt & Uncle’s house in Ickenham, where apparently I collapsed, exhausted onto the sofa. I can only imagine it was from kicking and heading every ball.

    Back then, it seemed to me that England and English teams would dominate for ever. However, was I wrong. I remember watching Ajax on TV in the early 70s European games and they played a different type of football. I watched the decline of my club team and England through the 70s and 80s. Hope crushed by the realism that neither were very good. After moving to the US in 1990 little football was available, but I went to the England games in the US in 1993, and after the 2-0 defeat against the US suffered the embarrassment of going to work the next day and having the piss taken out of me by people who wouldn’t know which end of a football to kick.

    In 2014, I drove from my home in Tampa to watch England play in Miami in a warm-up game prior to the WC. They were truly awful, bereft of ideas and spirit. It was no surprise that England failed to get out of the group.

    Now to the current England which is a team with spirit, and hopefully has lost the panic mode in tournaments when either England take the lead, or fall behind. We shall see.

    I will dig out an old England shirt and cheer them on, win or lose, and probably shed a tear either way.

    But if you had told me 55 years ago that England wouldn’t get another final for 55 years it would have saved me a lot of heartbreak.

    I hope England win, but if not then at least it’s a great match without any controversy!!!


    1. Great Post Jonathan, my old man also had one of those World Cup season tickets, although I believe he didn’t go to the White City game for some reason. He did go to the final but he was in / around a load of Germans and kept getting touched up by one (or more possibly) during the game.


      1. So, to sum up, are you making England to win in normal time your nap of the day? As you know I wasn’t alive in ’66 (me and JD met in Harrow on his recent trip, halfway between our old stomping grounds!) unfortunately, my dad isn’t around for me to ask what his memories of that time are (it would have been summer holidays after teaching Chemistry in Birmingham that year). He was fond of recounting the folly of taking Bobby Charlton off in the 1970 WC Quarter-final, the prelude to 51 years of hurt (the countback to which should start from that time not ’66 when we were champions-how I loathe that Baddiel and Skinner choon!!) Good to see all our friends (and foes!) from TH have found a new home btw 😉


        1. Sorry that was meant as a reply to JD’s post but it’s not showing as such (to me anyway🙄) ..great effort setting this up, Joe!


    2. Nice post Jonathan. The idea of parking at Wembley now a days, gives me heart palpitations! I put money on England at the start of the competition (my brother on Italy!), I also had Kane top scorer, so praying he either scores twice or score once and gets two assists. After the last few years, the country needs a bit of joy (and bringing together), so let’s hope Gareth and the boys can do it.


      1. Brilliant work again today, Rob. Well done.

        Anyone else tip winners either on today’s thread or last night for today? Either reply to your own original post, or to this one with your results. Thanks.


  2. Cracking post, Jonathan, thanks. I’ve backed Italy but will be happy for Southgate if England win. For me his main achievement will always be mentoring a group of youngsters, some of whom already show signs of Southgate’s innate decency. England the nation could do with many more of him. Perhaps they will make Gareth PM and give Johnson the England job.


  3. Great post Jonathan (Ajax in black and white on Sam Leitch’s football focus?). Have had small ew on Harry’s French tip as he convinced me, Today’s nap (I don’t deserve an acknowledgement for Significantly, Joe, but I did get the tri-cast up in that race, which probably tells you all you need to know about my random/erratic betting) is Almadrina in the 1.15 (at least fate will be known early in day and can concentrate on other matters.


    1. Just seen Almadrina is slightly odds-on. It was 7/4 when I selected it last night. Sorry for putting up such a shortie.


  4. Welcome to these pages Tuna and EGS was welcomed yesterday.

    I said my piece about the match on Saturday’s blog, which I stand by particularly after reading about the regrettable behaviour of the so called English supporters at the Danish game in The Observer. The article also points out the poor security and lack of checking for clear tests.

    The only thing I am certain of is that it’s coming home, COVID that is.

    Respect to AOB and Ryan Moore for yesterday’s successes at Belmont. As for today the Jean Prat, Deauville 2.50 is the race to focus on as Harry has already commented on so well. I like Rouget and have been following his youngsters in the Provinces on Dilton’s advice. VALLORIA is of interest each way. I also think BATTLEGROUND will run well and better than Wembley. However, MIDTERM (NAP) will bury them and was backed last night at 6’s with Paddy. Doubled up with DEEP SNOW Salisbury 3.35.

    Good call from Joe on editing these pages. I am using capitals now, like Harry, with the horses to note, so they are clearer to see.

    Be lucky and check in on the Syndicate thread every now and then.


    1. I am taking Harry’s tip enhanced e.w. There is no reason to believe Battleground has not followed that Stallion line by failing to progress and even then he would surely need good ground? The profile of Wembley is too unattractive; one of those Horses that could well top the World Horse Rankings with one win by a distance on soft ground and retire with a 5% win rate but so what? He will never carry a penny of mine.


  5. Not much in the way of betting that I like today, but in the interest of the blog I will nap inflection point e/w fairyhouse 14:10 (currently 12s).
    Re helping out with the blog, I’d be happy to help out were I can. My only problem is at the moment my work commitments are insane. I’m self employed and the summer months are my busiest time of the year (currently doing 12 +hour days), but come autumn and winter, I’ll have much more availablity.


    1. Well done RobJ, you haven’t been at a crossroads on the way to the bookies lately and sold your soul to the devil have you ?

      Any chance you feel like whacking some lottery numbers down?


    2. Stupendous nap, RobJ! (Though as usual, I did not manage to back it). Your reputation is getting such on here that you will soon be able to start your own blog and ask a handsome subscription!


      1. Ha thanks QuaiDB, I think I’m just buying good rep for when the bad times inevitably return, so I can at least say, well there was that one time I did alright!


  6. Great to see a lot of TH regulars on board. Thanks for the detailed post Harry. Following that one EW 4 places.
    The blog has certainly grown over the few weeks. Big thanks to Joe and a few others for getting it sorted and being there to monitor and drive it.
    Il take part also when I can. Work commitments a bit mad now but il be able to take my share on a day off 🙂
    I’ve really been loving the Naps (apart from my own) and interaction.
    TH on the guardian now looks dead In the water in my opinion. Glad we have a better replacement here!

    Onto my main point/question….

    It’s very sad to see Galileo pass away and he has had a massive effect as a stallion. I apologize I’m not 100% clued up in the breeding of horses but Galileo seemed to be able to stamp something into his offspring that his sons so far haven’t been able to. What does the future look like for Coolmore ?


    1. Hey Steely! And DNB you old scoundrel! So Galileo passes the way of all flesh. He had a pretty good life, let’s be fair -on and off the racetrack- as for his offspring I think it’s a bit’d guess Adayar won’t be the only son of Frankel to win the Derby, for example). I’m sure EGS is more qualified to weigh in on Coolmore’s future but St Mark’s Basilica hasn’t put a foot wrong performance-wise -visually, his Eclipse win looked the most stunning of the season whether or not his opponents were at their best (you suspect Addeybb and Mishriff both will be sharper next time we see them). Bolshoi Ballet was entitled to win last night at Belmont but the way the race enfolded you have to mark that performance up too (not Ryan Moore’s best ride imho!) and there was a reason or three why ‘the lads’ (ugh) opted for him to be their sole representative at Epsom- frankly, I’m amazed he was able to race so soon after picking up that injury. Who knows if one of them can be a super sire. Or maybe it’ll be one who’s been an almighty disappointment so far this season, High Definition – though, again he seems to have had an excuse in the Irish Derby with that stumble midway…


      1. Ryan was perfectly positioned on the colt on the outside and won it easily. The ride on the filly was brilliant .Shes not much and doesn’t do anything quickly so to thread her through those gaps in a slowly run race was brilliant against 3 of the best and toughest riders over there.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I bow to your superior knowledge and wisdom, good sir. Forgive my ignorant ramblings – I shall leave this forum to you. Peace out.


        2. Agreed. The ride on Bolshoi, to my eyes, was a standard decent ride. The ride on Santa Barbara was very good. Ryan made a drastic move that he had to, as can be see on in the horses head carriage, and the Santa responded very well.
          I fail to see anything questionable about the rides. Take a bow Ryan Moore.


  7. One from my local trainer runs at Sligo today – Hello Pilgrim for Colin Bowe. Rachael Blackmore rides and I think there are chances, 9/2 currently, maybe a small RF with JP’s New Ross.


  8. One of the funniest (unintentional) things I’ve observed for a long time was the TV lady on horseback trying to interview RM after his victories at Belmont yesterday, For the first interview RM was his usual self (no explanation needed), but in the second one, her persistence paid off, and not only was RM smiling, he was actually laughing by the end of the interview. He gets a lot of criticism, but I believe he really he is a great jockey, and if I owned a horse he would be my first pick, unless it was a wet Tuesday at Southwell.

    Major after timing for yesterday, but in the John Smith at York after having originally picked Nicholas T, I ended up backing Johnny Drama (having remembered his runs at Kempton last year) and was hoping his giant frame would intimidate the other horses. His odds just before the off were 14s, but ended up paying 23s.

    I really like Midtown in the Prix Jean Prat, but for my nap I am going North of the border and selecting TALE OF MINESHAFT in the 19:47 at Woodbine.


  9. Good to see everyone. We are getting the feel of an old tavern somewhere on a foggy moor where the most resilient/determined/pig-headed eventually find their way, to be welcomed round the fire.

    My nap today Yojaari in the 3.00 Salisbury.

    Regarding contributing to the blog; I need no more from you than what you’d be posting that day anyway. I can add anything else I think is relevant, then tag that day’s article with your name.

    Good luck today. Good luck to Gareth Southgate and his lads. I’ve never been into football deeply. But would watch this England team just to see Battaash take human form in the shape of Raheem Sterling. The old fellas in blue are going to wonder what just flashed past them.


  10. Regarding the football, I would love to see a good, fair game and may the better team win. It is after all a game of football. (Andrew Rawnsley has an excellent opinion piece in The G today, worth a read).
    Well done to the winning tippers yesterday. Two hopefuls today – MISTERIO 2.45 F’house (Murtagh) and SAGA AVAVIS 4.15 Sligo (Nolan/Cooper).


    1. Let it be played in the spirit of the legendary and partly mythological football matches between the British and the Germans in No Man’s Land at Christmas in 1914. The soldiers on both sides had a lot more sense than the generals leading them from their bunkers.

      There are some fabulously skilled players on each side. Most likely there will be drama of a high order and controversy. I shall enjoy watching it and I shall be much less disappointed if England lose than if it were my Premier League team in a final, whose colours run in my family’s bloodstream and in mine.

      My pinnacle of sporting satisfaction this year has already been exceeded by the exploits of Mark Cavendish in the Tour de France. Phoenix-like rise from the ashes only barely begins to do justice to his revival.


    1. Ah I should have shopped around. I placed an e.w on sky last night after Valloria popped up on my tracker following Dilton’s recommendation. It looked like it might nick 3rd..


      1. I backed it on Bet365 also. Great effort. Looked to have a real chance 1f out, until tiring in the last 100 yards.


  11. Great post Jonathan on the football. Not really a nap, but I’ve had a small bet at 7-1 that Sterling will have a shot on target in each half, for a bit of extra fun (and niece and nephew here will add to the excitement of watching the game).
    Enhanced places yesterday helped me out with Fujiara Prince and Creative Force EW double, so I got 70% back of total staked. Hope many of you had that extra 4th place on Valloria.
    BUT Rob J, wow, Inflection, yet another winner – well done that man (or woman).


  12. Well done, Harry.
    The perfect enhanced e.w. coming 4th. Coming 3rd would have been a right let down.
    Quai will know that A 1 euro e.w. bet at 33/1 would have yielded a 7.20 return and I will have that pint on you.
    I plan to follow Thunder Moon.
    His sire is having a good year. Possibly getting sent more progressive Mares.
    JOB is an Internationalist and won’t be fussy where he gets a G1 with this Horse so long as the field looks beatable. Arlington? Cox Plate?


    1. Ran a great race Thunder Moon. Looked like hadn’t trained on + I thought he had zero chance on that ground anyway.


    2. That is coincidence posting at the same as LukeH who has previously pointed out a poor 3 yo record for Zoffany.
      With regards to Tuna’s question there cannot be value in the Arc for SMS who may still take the deluded path of Breeders Cup Classic and the stable has Love in pole position and Snowfall as back up.
      Ballydoyle 3 yo colts have an appalling record in the Arc. In fact no 3 yo winner Full Stop.
      I would be surprised if HD or BB turn up but APOB will probably have to test the latter in the Prix Neil to be sure he might be missing something.
      However I have done an AP bet on SMB as I believe trends are there to be reversed.
      There have been so many Prix du Jockey Club winners who were short in the betting over recent years but no winner in the concurrent year since 2003.


  13. JO’B is shaping up to be a brilliant trainer. He is happy to train horses ranging from moderate handicappers to Group/Grade 1 bluebloods. His owners come from all sorts of backgrounds – just like a normal yard. It must be so liberating just getting on with the job and not having to sit down to board meetings with The Lads PLC. When you’re his age there’s more to life than that! I know he had his dad’s old yard to get started with but he has really kicked on from there and – even setting aside his meteoric career in the saddle – is very much more than the son of a famous father.


    1. Absolutey with you there Harry – I believe he was “getting difficult horses” (his words I think, but don’t quote me) from AoB, but has had some serious results, which are not just due to a famous father imo.


  14. After Love won on her seasonal reappearance AOB said the reason he had not let her off before was that he didn’t want her to run on soft ground as she hates it and doesn’t act on it.
    Apart from having beaten nothing any good ,ever , never running a time that would suggest she could take an Arc that knocks her out of the equation.


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