Talking Horses Wednesday July 14th

Somebody napped the winner Blue Brilliant (at 9/2) yesterday. It’s ‘signed’ anonymous. If a name has now been added, please let me know (I’m a wee bit confused because of congrats later on to Dirty Northerner). The downside of these replies is that they do not show who is being replied to, but there seems nothing can be done about that.

Mickle also had a winning nap at 11/10 – nice work.

The blog’s nap today is Right Turn (4/1) in the 7.25 Killarney. As ever please please post yours in the comments along with anything else you fancy. At some point after the race, if you’ve tipped a winner, please reply to your own original post with ‘Winner’. Sorry to be so prescriptive; we are just bedding in here and I’m still seeking the most efficient way to track winners. Doubtless it will change again until we hit the right recipe.

Good luck



  1. THE BLUE BRILLIANT was DN’s tip. Heavy current workload, hence the Anonymous first time, but I later qualified it. We must all follow Joe’s request. If we win, we must reply to our original post indicating the winner and the price. This helps the management of the site considerably

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  2. The Grand Prix de Paris is a wonderful race at ParisLongchamp (7.20) tomorrow and I wish I could be there. I think Hurricane Lane is well too short and had a hard race last time out. I am torn between CHESHIRE ACADEMY and SIR LAMORAK (AOB’s dark horse). So both have been backed to medium stakes. However, the NAP is YESYES at Lingfield 1.35 and this is in doubles with both of the runners in Paris.
    I may not sleep so well tonight because I am going to commit further to the Paris race and I can’t split them at the moment. The race research says the big cheese, but the instinct says O’Brien’s quiet one. Yes, it gets like that sometimes! The real gamble lies in my mind and not my pocket.


    1. The real gamble in THE MIND ha ha my sistersalways in profits and me losing wrecks my Mind.
      My new expression Is football was created by the poor and stolen by the Rich. B gud in france


    2. It is just Bastille Day as I post. I should say Bonne fete nationale! (I know there should be a grave on the first e in fete but I have never found a type screen that obeys me).
      The Grand Prix has been farmed to Ballydoyle for the last 3 years and if it is 4 years in a row I am genuinely packing my clogs and moving to The Netherlands.
      This Race has an extraordinary record. The winners of this race since 1990 included Saumarez, Subitoca, Peintre Celebre, Bago, Scorpion, Rail Link, Kew Gardens, Japan and Mogul.
      A runner-up in the race during that time Singspiel catches the eye.
      Hurricane Lane is odds against. Odds against!
      Snowfall is 3/10 for the Irish Oaks yet Hurricane Lane is odds against.
      I won’t back him as I have never backed those silks and never will.
      One of of the Ballydoyle runners will run in to a place.
      I think Wordsworth may run in to a place in the Leger but won’t have the pace today to be placed.
      Could The Mediterranean be the Pacemaker who springs the field but holds on to 3rd place?
      I might back all 3 Ballydoyle Horses to be placed and a very small sneaky win bet on Sir Lamorack as why does APOB keep mentioning him?
      My combi bet today has the usual spicy stable variety.
      The bet slip has all 3 Ballydoyle Horses in the Grand Prix at 19.20 at Paris-Longcamp.
      It has Luxembourg in the 4.25 at Killarney who keeps getting entered in Races and not running which may not be a bad thing if APOB has finally chosen Killarney for his debut, San Martino in the 17.25, Queen Speech in the 17.55, Exuma in the 19.25.
      I found myself having to add a horse called Dromod Lad in the 18.25 to my bet slip as Dromod is the nearby village in the destitute Parish where I grew up.
      E.W. Doubles all round.


      1. Good morning EGS. Regarding accents etc, the Windows UK Extended keyboard allows you to type accents with the use of the Alt Gr key or the ^ key. It annoyed me to always have to insert special characters so I always use it now. Bonne Fête Nationale!
        To maintain the horse theme (sorry Joe, I went off-piste) I’m for Holly Golightly Killarney 17.55, probably influenced being ancient by having Breakfast with StiffKnees. Otherwise, I’m off to look at the GP Paris.
        Bonne chance!


        1. Many thanks but I bet it won’t work for me and I will smash the Lab Top.
          As for Holly Golightly today.
          Quelle Horreur!
          Luckily I could type that without having to throw the Lab Top out the window.


  3. I have gone in again on CHESHIRE ACADEMY, as I fear the ground has gone against SIR LAMORAK. ALENQUER will handle the ground and is a big threat to the nap.
    BUBBLES GIFT has also been backed each way.
    I can’t wait for the race!


  4. I shall go for both of Rouget’s in the 7.20 at Longchamp: CHESHIRE ACADEMY and SAIYDABAD. Bonne Chance! (Good luck all!) Joyeux Fete Nationale!


  5. Re loggiing winners. perhaps you could start a July winners blog post. and when users get a winner they post date, name and price.

    can do same with August say and beyond. Be a useful audit trail and unless we all get really lucky unlikely to break the postings allowed count. certainly not starting mid july for this month?

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  6. Sibling across-the-card doubles happen from time to time: I suppose the Carberry clan will have done it a few times (they are mob handed, after all). But today a sisters double has happened which I think is far rarer. Ella McCain won by a short head at Wolverhampton following Abbie McCain neck victory at Uttoxeter. Apparently they have achieved this feat once before. Anyone know of any other examples? Gina and Bridget Andrews would be the only candidates I ca think of but I have no idea how you could check that (without asking them).


  7. A head between the Mediterranean at 33/1 holding on for 3rd in the GP de Paris to make my coupon a bit more than a break even gruel supper tonight and not a more than even Beluga Caviar.
    They say it all evens out in the long run. They say that but I don’t


    1. They also say decisions in football will even themselves out over a season. Bit unlikely isn’t it? Decisions being perfectly balanced out over a specific number of games. Far more likely that some teams do better or worse over a season because some tight decisions either go in their favour or against them.


      1. Yeah.
        It has evened itself out over the years for England in vital Penalty shoot outs, Clermont Ferrand in Rugby Union Finals, the Buffalo Bills in the Superbowl, Mayo in Gaelic Football Finals and me when I take on my Bookie.


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