Talking Horses Thursday July 15th

Three winners from the comments section yesterday – Jakebuckfast joins the Hitlist with a 100/30 winner, Dirty Northerner napped Hurricane Lane at 11/10, and although Rob J’s nap just placed, his other fancy, Mehnah, won at 2/1.

David suggested separate posts for each month’s winners, one that can be self-completed. It will act as a good back reference too. I’ll crack on with that.

The blog struggles on, trying to find form this week with the appropriately named One For Joe in the 1.40 Killarney. I look forward to seeing your naps and tips today.

Good luck



  1. Anyone who didn’t intend to pay off their Mortgage on the Grand Prix Winner yesterday should consider why and take a good hard look at themselves. I don’t dabble with that lot but that is why I still have a big Mortgage.
    Those blue silks can be brutal from time to time and I don’t like the cut of their jib right now.
    I am naturally switching to Leopardstown tomorrow for my bets.
    In the 16.30 Jeroboam has the form of 42-4242.
    I have always ignored the rumours that there might be ghost ownership by Sven Goren Eriksson and Fabio Capello. It is definitely a Coolmore Horse. He is 2nd Fav and trades at 9/4.
    It will be a tactical race against the 3rd Fav. Called Ferrybank who trades at 6/1 and recent form is the 343 formation.
    The favourite is Dixie Bluebell in a 621 formation. Typical Bolger.
    I am not sure if I believe much in the power of “confidence enhancing” races for Horses but Japan is on at 18.00 on my slip at 6/5.
    My Nap is Maddonadelrosario at 10/11. Why would APOB step up a 2 yo Scat Daddy to a mile at this stage of their career particularly as this contravene the narrative of her direct Sire?


  2. The nap is OSCAR ROSE backed last night at 11/4. I am combining this with VISUALISATION in the 18.00 at Leopardstown. The Young Master’s horse was very impressive at Royal Ascot and is a standout win and each way bet at 9/1, which Paddy Power allowed be to enhance to 10s.
    As for the Grand Prix du Paris, I only caught the race on my phone, due to working in West Sussex, and I need to review it several times before commenting.
    As for West Sussex, the place is very odd with holiday homes and antique shops. Little opens until 10 and the DN needs a proper coffee.
    We’re bloody spoilt in Yorkshire. Down here, to quote Beckett, “Nothing happens twice.”


    1. VISUALISATION is a VOID, DN. Just like Becket said.

      As for this “napping” lark, I could not nap in the Land of Nod, so I shall be mainly staying awake.


      1. Thanks Quai. I’ve been working all day, but just gone in on GAHERIS from the Young Master, Leopardstown 18.30 with the Talking Horse DRUMMER GIRL in the 19.05.


  3. i had two in mind Oscar Rose ( Wors 18.20) and Blue Sans ( Wors 20:00). As DN has plumped for the former i’ll Nap the latter but having an interest in both,


  4. It’s not often you get to nap a political hero so Nye Bevan it is at Worcester this evening to continue Nige’s improved recent form. Hoping for some “healthy” returns….


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