1. I napped Horoscope on the 12th.
    I forgot to mention that Luxembourg on the 14th was my nap so I suppose it doesn’t count.


  2. Apologies to Cerises, but yesterday,21st, along with two others, he posted:

    “755S Lyndon B has his conditions and offers ‘value’.”

    Won at 16-1.


  3. DREAMLOPER goes in at 13/2.

    Now if I just stuck to my nap and exacta boxes for all the other naps I would have this lark sussed


  4. Cerises also tipped Pride of Hawridge 9/2 Salisbury 5.30 which won by a considerable margin. Not sure he knows he should post up his winners, even though he mentioned a few.


  5. Rising Star (13/8) – couldn’t post until now (1.05 am) as was at work (also mentioned Regal mirage but not napped)


  6. Those workplace memories teased out a winner in Ravenscraig Castle at 5 to 4 to start the week.. Worth Keeping an eye on over distance going forward..


  7. mmm Sir Ron Priestley got a mention from me EW at 11’s but with Stradivarius coming out there was a massive rule 4 so a wee fraction more than money back paid. Worth a mention only because the first day of GG didn’t treat many of us well. We needed more Holly Doyle fans clearly!


    1. Actually my Bet 365 says I was paid out on of odds of 239/125
      What the devil is that about?
      It was 5/2 on my coupon which I like to fill in the night before even though it means void bets.
      I hope Joe quotes the price of 239/125. It must have been rule 4 as I didn’t watch the race as I was occupied but has anyone on this Forum had a return on a bet at 239/125?

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  8. Nice nap today with Royal Rendeveous winning the plate at 5-1 ( bet at 7s) and one of the two short price wins I suggested – For Three – obliged at Perth (7-4) . Made a useful patent, less said about the other horse the better but maybe tomorrow…


  9. Not a bad week so far, bit better form from me after a poor spell.

    Tuesday – Trueshan Nap at 2-1 but ended up at Evens.

    Wednesday – NR at Sandown

    Thursday -winning Nap Whenthedealisdone 8-1
    And recommend Wilderness Girl 9/4


  10. Better form from me after a poor spell.

    Tuesday – Trueshan evens

    Wednesday – NR at Sandown

    Thursday – whenthedealisdone 8-1 winning NAP and recommended Wildeness girl 9-4


  11. Tipped up 4 EW on Goodwood Friday

    1.50 call the wind 10-1 NB Winner
    4.10 Passion and glory 2-1 Nap winner
    3.00 Rhoscolyn 9-1 2nd

    3.55 (Bangor) Two blondes 6-1 loser

    Recommended ew Yankee returned just over double its stake.


  12. Gave two horses for 15:00 Goodwood. Maydanny who won and Rhoscolyn 2nd. Naturally I napped the 2nd place…..

    E/w Goodwood accumulator won with elysian flame (placed), maydanny (won), Rhoscolyn (placed), dragon symbol (placed), jadhlaan (placed)


  13. Nap in Sir tivo 11 to 8.at Bangor My other mention was in the 2nd at Bangor which was a great finish. Mine was 2nd but both will win races.


  14. Nap no good again but the value perm accumulators with Skybet gave me 4 place fivefolds and, because Skybet treated Just Hubert as a NR, 2 place fourfolds – return on the £24 stake was £290.02


  15. Excellent Joe, while I’m finding fun picking one a day youre off in multiple perms with success.

    Let the good times role, probably not Lenny Cohen


  16. Saturday Nap landed Rebel territory 7-2 winner

    Also Recommend 40-1 ew
    total commitment got 4th place in the stewards cup.


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