Talking Horses Saturday July 17th 2021

Rob J kept the flag flying yesterday with a 9/4 nap. Remarkable consistency from Rob, and long may it continue. I’ll enter it on the July Winners thread, but if in future winners could do that themselves it would be much appreciated.

The blog’s nap was a non runner yesterday.

That’s the update; now over to Dirty Northerner for today’s blog and nap.

Good morning all. I wanted to refresh the discussion on the potential Talking Horses syndicate and I am suggesting the potential costs that could be incurred. Please consider the below and respond on the Syndicate thread.

Today’s nap is Captain Tom Cat Market Rasen at 2.40, backed at 9/2.

Syndicate – So if we take a £12k purchase as a starting point:-

10% share £1200  
5% share £ 600
2.5 share £ 300

Training @ €2000

10% share £170  
5% share £ 85
2.5 share £ 43

Then registration, vet, entry fees are split accordingly.

The costs are based on a decent trainer in France. Some vet costs may be included in the monthly fees.

This is a guide for now and to further the discussion.

All the best



  1. The 13.45 Dingle Whiskey Nursery at The Curragh contains my nap.
    I had forgotten 2 yos run in H’Caps this soon.
    I hope Auldchiel isn’t reading this as he knows his single malts from his double malts but I like Dingle Whiskey.
    The creator Oliver died prematurely just before the 3 year grain could be called a Whiskey which seems cruel but he had already left a mighty legacy.
    I know Dingle Whiskey does not taste nice when mixed with Cherry Blossom or Pepsiwithacap but is best taken as a Swift One first thing in the morning as an eye opener.
    Swift One trained by JOB in the 13.45 at The Curragh is my nap.


    1. Afternoon EGS
      I don’t mind the occasional Irish Whiskey but today I’ll stick with our local Glengoyne. But I can’t imagine any whisky tasting decentbif mixed with shoe polish.
      Just back from an early round of golf so no interest today other than noting that Das Horrigle would have been my 1/5 nap today after flagging it up a couple of weeks ago. I’ve decided I’m taking no chances in future. But getvyour money in for Cheltenham now.

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  2. Something for everyone today on a fair days racing. No betting of any mark johnston horses unless he calls me and says its a cert and I suspect he’s lost my number.

    Stunning beauty Newmaket 2.55 my dart for the winners list today. Good luck all as ever

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  3. STUNNING BEAUTY 14.55 Newmarket is the nap and will be backing ROMANTIC PROPOSAL 2.50 Curragh. And many others….


  4. My nap was going to be 1.50 Majestic Dawn EW but a non-runner, 2nd choice of Camprond has already been picked by Rob J, so doesn’t count but in good company!
    I’ve done a Yankee of Camprond, Real World, Zeeband and Tabdeed (all napped already I think)
    Now I’m looking for a couple at bigger prices for EW combo. Good luck all.


  5. KING’S LYNN 15:00 Newbury is todays nap.

    Former Group winner in Ireland LEMISTA is running in the 10th at Saratoga
    HOT ROD CHARLIE ridden by Flavien Prat has a good chance in the Grade 1 12th at Monmouth park


  6. IMPERIAL SACHIN’S 3.05 Cartmel. Why is Sneezy sending two horses to Cartmel today? This race is worth £10.5 k….. the other one at 1.55 is worth £7.5k , CALAGOGO is odd on!!
    Good luck with your bets!


  7. CAPTAIN TOM CAT Market Rasen 2.40 remains the Nap, but a saver is on FRANKY DU BERLAIS at 11/1. CHIPOTLE Newbury 3.40 has been backed with LOGO HUNTER Curragh 2.50, wins and double.

    Be lucky and consider the SYNDICATE. 20% already interested. You do not have to specify on these pages the amount you are interested in if you wish for this to remain confidential.


  8. Shame John The Baptist won the first at The Curragh by a nose. The head would have been a much more appropriate winning distance.


    1. Great minds think alike and I posted at the same time but Wifi is clearly better in Florida.
      However we both should have we were expecting him to lose by a head.


      1. EGS, not sure if anyone has ever accused me of having a great mind, but it appears that the Florida sectionals are quicker than the Irish ones, and gave me a victory in the Bad Jokes Stakes by a short head.


  9. Today’s Talking Horses (or what passes for it these days) in The Guardian is NOT open for comments….


  10. I had not wanted to have a bet on the upcoming Irish Oaks but have conceded. I have had 2 losing bets on La Joconde and she owes me. We all know how that story pans out.
    10/3 to be placed. I will be watching it on my phone in the quiet carriage and have kept reminding myself she has a Jockey wearing an orange hat.
    There is nothing worse than thinking you have a return when you have been tracking the right silks but wrong hat through a Race. Easy mistake with Ballydoyle
    I know Willow is running in the same silks but is not wearing an orange hat.


        1. Count me in for 2.5% as well as it would be foolish to miss out on a future Arc Winner.
          I never went to see the Film ‘Dream Horse’ as I thought it would be too cliched and predictable.
          i think the film rights should only be sold to a Production Company who will hire someone like Yorgos Lanthimos to direct.

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  11. Wow, just when I thought the day was lost Gubbass comes in (6-1) and I had Adnaan EW sneaking the 5th place -and been given 100-1 (rather than 70s I took). Usual small stakes but still a lovely bonus!

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