Talking Horses Monday July 26th 2021

Hitlist: another catch-up from last week: Cerises tipped a 13/2 winner in Pride of Hawridge, and Haveagomecca won for Simon Thompson. Yesterday, RobJ came back to the boil napping Modular Magic at an advised 10/1: brilliant work by all.

Please remember to update the July Winners thread after the result of your race if you have had a winner. And please make it clear if that winner was your nap or ‘just’ a tip.

The blog’s nap yesterday, backed from 5/2 to 11/8 ran no race at all. Today I hope to make reparations with Zumoradda in the 4.40 Galway at 13/2.

Good luck



  1. The Nap is DUFFLE COAT, if it gets into the 7.15 at Galway (plot on) at 4/1 doubled up with National Ballet at 6.45, also at Galway.


    1. Seem to remember Duffle Coat going off as favourite or near favourite for the Grand National one year in the 1970s and falling at the first…


  2. Ballydoyle have more ammo on Tuesday than today and I will build up e.w.doubles tomorrow but for now I will make do with Anchorage to find the head to overturn the form with I Am Magic in the 16.10 at Galway. Galileos who finish 3rd on their debut usually find more next time and at Ballybrit you need to be tough. You rarely win cosily. I can’t remember many wimpy APOB trained Galileos.
    My nap is to couple Anchorage in a double with National Ballet in the 18.45 who DNB has already napped as I think an improving selectively named Ballydoyle runner who is now running over a proper distance in Handicaps are worth keeping an eye on and the bottom of the field does not look scary.
    4,000 allowed daily in to Ballybrit as opposed to 16,000 for the Leinster Hurling Final. The political clout of the GAA.
    Anyone who has been to Croke Park and Ballybrit will know which is the less enclosed breezier venue.
    I don’t like the Galway Races as the over-rounds are a lesson in Bookie insolence and it so hard to know who might be laid out for a Race there. However I do feel sorry particularly for returning emigrants who will miss attending. I have a friend and a late uncle who built their summer holiday returns from England to Ireland around this fixture.


  3. The Golden Rule of Thumb at Galway is to just back Dermot Weld but I suspect he is down off a level stake in the last 40 years. Accessing those stats can only be done by a geeky male teenager which is a role I relinquished some time back.
    I think consistently backing Joseph right now is a better strategy at this meeting but I just don’t give up my habits and I will go down on the HMS Ballydoyle at this meeting.


  4. Interesting @Galway 7:15, Duc D’Allier ridden by Ms. J Roche (1st ride, it seems) for HdB. First entry in flat race for owner since 2010.


  5. Nap today is my sister Sarah (gal) 18:15 with pp paying just over 6s and six places. With sky paying 5 places for the 16:40 at Galway, thunder rain makes good ew value at 12/1 with a saver on mother country.


  6. Lingfield 5.10 Yanifer is the nap. Caballero at about 10/1 looks a good EW shout at that price in the Ayr 4.30 as I think it has a cracking chance of winning but to be fair it’s also very competitive race.


  7. 14.50 Ayr. Ravenscraig castle. Ravenscraig was one of the largest steelworks in Europe back in the day and my Dad and many other folks worked there when Lanarkshire was an industrial hub. Was over there a few times lately as it now houses a sports complex where they have dishing out vaccines. Dont know how that affects horses chances but uts some local colour…


      1. Was pretty sure you’ld know a few ex ‘Craig men Joe! Yeah – it was a health and safety nightmare like all the big industries of time. Strong Union place too but it seems people just thought in different ways back then..


      2. Joe, a lovely little segment by Billy Connolly popped up on my Facebook stream yesterday evening and he was talking about his time working at the shipyard in Glasgow and he said after work they’d go for a pint and if he saw someone in the pub and they nodded at him, he didn’t know if they were being polite or if it was a fellow welder who forgot he took his mask off.


      3. When I was a young journalist covering the MIners Strike I remember writing a fair bit about Ravenscraig as it was a key industrial plant involved in the dispute. The Scottish NUM was run by Mick McGahey in those days, and most of the Scottish miners supported the strike and looked to picket out Ravenscraig.


  8. My Father worked in a meat factory and I joined him for 2 Summers to earn some student money.
    The canning line was deafening.
    We are both deaf as coots as wearing ear muffs was considered wimpish.
    At least he got hung for a Sheep and not my Lamb.
    Steelworks in my mind are not just deafening but aren’t there very hot things like molten metal and sharp things to cut metal and heavy things to land on top of you?


  9. We must be mad napping anything at Galway! As mentioned above, impossible to know who might be laid out for a race there. Anyway, here goes .. Li Mu Bai 4.40 , 15/2….others to avoid are Merroir 5.45 , 7/1 and Zoffanien 6.15 ,also 7/1. Good luck with your bets!


  10. Anyone thinking of backing Jim Bolger’s horses at Galway might like to know that his strike rate there is 9%, his lowest at any racecourse in Ireland.


  11. Lord of the Glen in the last at Ayr. As for Ravenscraig, needless ideological destruction of an important industry. I could go on but I suppose this isn’t the place.

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  12. The Steel Business worked out Okay for Backers today.
    I am currently reading a book that concerns Sean Macbride who is the son of the Yeats Muse Maude Gonne and was himself a difficult Irish Political Figure.
    Maude Gonne Spirit won at 18/1.
    This is the book I am reading. Did I have a bet? You bet not.


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