Talking Horses Wednesday July 28th Goodwood Day 2

A regular on the Hitlist Rob J landed his nap again yesterday when Sed Marrib won at 1/1. Rob’s EW suggestion Desert Safari was 2nd at 12/1. El Gran Senor established a first for this blog (and for any punter I know of) when his winning nap Twinkle was returned at odds of 239/125! David got a small profit from his EW nap Sir Ron Priestley. Well done, all three tipsters on what was tough day.

The blog’s nap today is Vino Victrix in the 7.25 at 11/4. Please leave yours in the comments section and update the July Winners thread if it wins.

Good luck.



  1. You are doing a great job, Joe.
    In a dodgy punting week, I’m cutting back. The Nap is FEARBY, Goodwood 3.00. I’m still thinking about DUHAIL, possibly EW bet in the 3.35.

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  2. Thanks Joe, for believing that Bet 365 returned me 239/125 on Twinkle in the 17.10 at Galway.
    Otherwise I would have gone in to Alan Partridge mode and that would not be conducive to anyone on this Forum as I would have had to start emailing Photo evidence.
    My only betting interest today is the Sussex Stakes in the 15.35 at Goodwood.
    As a Irishman I believe I can say The Galway Plate contains a bunch of Leprechauns without accusations of prejudice.
    How many times can you lose on Samcro and Battleoverdoyen for it to no longer be funny?
    Has anyone ever won a bet on The Shunter? Me Neither.
    DNB has 2nd guessed me on the Napolean trained Duhail who has form figures of 1212122 and my Bletchley Park training has told me it is 1 or 3 next. That looks a nice e.w. bet.
    I know the next bit is painful to some but Hannon likes hold up Jockeys. He had a great one in Richard Hughes. He likes to use your favourite Jockey. He has thought about using Jamie for Sky Lantern tomorrow carefully . She has won on watered ground in April and second to Alcohol Free in June on heavy.
    The front three might knacker themselves out and Jamie springs her from the back.
    My nap however is the 2nd string Chindit who has also won on watered ground in April to be placed. He ran within 6L to Poetic Flare (who is clearly overpriced by the way as Bolgers run hot and cold) in his last 2 runs which means 6/1 to 3 places is my nap.
    I kept reference to watered ground. I think think that is my Dilton influence and no harm in that.


    1. It was an interesting test of the bookie’s terms, El Gran Senor. It seems Betfair paid in full, prompting the twitter question, ‘if it’s the wrong horses it surely could not lose if it could not win and must be treated as a NR?’


    2. Chindit needs it good to firm,he was never going to run on that ground . Why Spencer is still on Snow Lantern when Pat Dobbs is now free and has ridden her before is a bit of a mystery.


  3. Lavenders Blue 2.25 Goodwood 12/1 ew is the nap.Well done yesterdays winners.I am offline from now till Monday,trust it to be Goodwood week I will have to venture into betting shops for the first time in a while.

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  4. Well despite Beverley, being an unlucky track, I managed 4 winners and a couple of decent places yesterday. But more importantly it was the first time I’d been to a track since before the pandemic and it just felt beyond great to be at a live meet (obviously winning a few quid helped!). Onto today’s nap, (apologies) it’s another low odds one, in mustazeed (Leicester) 18:35. Once again I’ll have an ew for Goodwood, this time in the last (17:20) internationaldream 13/2 (skybet paying top 6), representing last year’s winning yard.

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  5. I’d also be tempted by Fearby (spent the night there on a wooden floor with 40 kids whist cycling coast to coast, did you need to know that? No, oh well) but will go with bigger priced Bounce the Blues in the Goodwood 2.25. Other Goodwood darts are: Kolisi, Fearby, Snow Lantern (despite usual jockey concern), Frankella, Seattle rock, Be Prepared


  6. Synchonicity – I’m planning a trip to Harrowgate sooonish which i believe is close to Fearby. its a work thing which may also find me down near the Wirral. A nice neck of the woods tho if you cross the water a few times you soon get sick of Gerry and the pacemakers on the boat.

    Im going to go with more largess than usual on the nap with Mullins to get the Galway plate on Royal Rendevous (6.15). At shorter proies there’s Magnolia state Leicester 5.45 and For Thee Perth 2.25 to wander all round the houses avoiding Goodwood.


  7. Annamix appeals EW in the Galway Plate at 16/1 to 7 places with Skybet. Ran to a Timeform rating of 165 last time, his best for a while. He seems to enjoy big fields and Patrick Mullins now takes the ride.


  8. 1.50 Kolisi @ 7-1 my first pick today and in EW double with Onassis in 2.25 (Frank on Vadream put me off backing that!) Yesterday’s short priced win double was two 2nds (Berkshire Shadow and Creative Force), but I’m trying again today on Fearby and Poetic Flare.


    1. Two seconds again on Fearby and Poetic Flare (and Onassis), but I was impressed with Snow Lantern given the ground and Frank on board!


  9. Buick skips goodwood today for sandown.
    NAP is Rebel territory in the 7.25 at 11/4
    I’d keep an eye on all of his. Win and place market – small acca. The newcomer New mission in the 6.55 could be smart.

    Goodwood –

    5.20 Epic endeavor 6-1 EW 6 places


  10. I’m part of a bet builder trial on horse racing and have the following on Snow Lantern.

    Awkward at start 1-3
    Settled in rear 1-6
    Travelled strongly 1-10
    Stayed in rear as pace quickened 1-4
    Made ground in centre of course as rail positions already taken 1-4
    Sluiced past most of field 1-10
    Didn’t quite get up 1-6
    Going on finish evens.

    I hate to agree with Dilton, however WTF does Dobbs have to do to get a leg up after 2 very mediocre rides by Levey on this horse.

    The nap is Magical Wish in the last for the aforementioned Mr Dobbs, hoping to improve on last year’s second in the race.


  11. This may be better said in The Lounge.
    I did not what happened in the 15.10 maiden at Galway until well after the event.
    I had checked my return and read what I considered to be a churlish report of “stayed on. No extra” for a 1 and 3/4 length winner before watching the Race.
    We have to microchip our dogs.
    Jessica Harrington spoke of similar markings in those 2 Horses. In the Guardian column last year it was reported that a Twitter User noted that Snowfall was not Mother Earth and vice-versa before the Officials did.
    I own a couple of Cattle on my Father’s farm.
    DNA testing and ear tags are used to reduce cross border banditry.
    I know ear tags could be abused in a Curley style betting coup by switching them around but then the penalty would be huge for the Stable with possibly life bans.
    Ear tags are pretty simple identification.
    I don’t visit my Cattle often so when I do the first thing I know which is mine from the others with similar markings is their highly visible number which I memorise like my bank pin.
    In fact you only need to remember the last couple of digits which are highly discriminatory
    A travelling head lad can memorise the number or write it down. He shouldn’t have to be looking for white socks or dinky white Northern Dancer stars on the forehead.

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  12. Today’s NAP (will I never learn!!) is TRUE FAITH 5.45 Galway. HdeB/Jacko Kennedy 8/1 or so.

    Well done to those whose NAPS won yesterday. For me, the whole day’s racing was surreal and topped when I saw EGS noting TWINKLE winning as his nap, having previously seen the original he notes above, that kind of error should not happen in 2021.

    I had a look at The Galway Plate field and had to check it was this year’s race!! It felt like a Groundhog Day moment , the same runners every year ( or so it seems to me).
    Good luck with your bets, could be another bloodbath/bookies benefit day!


  13. Joe had posted a very interesting article about Emmet Mullins (The Shunter) on The Lounge. Well worth a read. Be interesting to hear your views on the lad.


  14. I think it was LukeH who fancied Alcohol Free for the 1,000 Guineas on another Forum
    I hope he didn’t miss out today.
    That is morning hangover territory.

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