Talking Horses July 30th 2021 Goodwood Day 4

I’m hoping that we grizzled regulars will be joined today by 16-y-o Samantha Martin and 19-y-o Luke Keena who are twitter regulars and avid racing fans. Samantha writes the best researched and most detailed big race previews I’ve read. She’s a future star in racing journalism. You’ll find Samantha’s Rein It In Racing blog here. It’s a team blog and Luke Keena introduced himself on it in the best possible way when tipping Sirjack Thomas a 50/1 winner at Galway on Tuesday. Luke followed up yesterday by landing his nap at 15/2 – Clonbury Bridge. He also tipped first race Galway winner Farout as well as two who just failed to hold on: Gin on Lime and Blackstair Rocco.

I’d love to see Samantha, Luke and the rest of the Rein it In team here regularly.

To yesterday’s Hitlist: Dirty Northerner sprang to form with a take-your-eye-out nap in the shape of 11/1 winner Ottoman Emperor. Jamie napped 11/4 winner Aysymmetric, and The Steelman came back on the board in stunning fashion napping 8/1 Goodwood winner Whendealisdone and also tipping Wilderness Girl at an advised 9/4. Brilliant tipping from the veterans.

The blog’s nap disappointed yet again. I’m hoping to battle back with Run For Oscar in the 5.00 Galway at 15/2. You might recall a couple of weeks ago I mentioned the value in Skybet’s enhanced places when trying to land win/place multiples … well, I’m having another go today at nailing a win accumulator and/or several place accumulators with the following perm at Goodwood:

1.50 (7 places) Just Hubert: Rajinsky: Withhold: Elysian Flame

3.00 (6 places) Path Of Thunder: Bedouin’s Story

3.35 (4 places) Arecibo: Bataash: Glass Slippers

4.10 (4 places) Passion And Glory

5.20 (5 places) Something Enticing: Wink Of An Eye

Perm 4x2x3x1x2=48: all EW – 96 bets at 25p.

I will also have a £1 win single on each

It’s worth repeating that although this blog was set up as a gathering place for regulars on The Guardian racing pages, all are welcome here to participate or just to read.

Also, pardon another reminder about listing your winning tips each day in the July Winners thread: there were no entries in it today, so I had to go through all tips to check. Would today’s winning tipsters kindly update the thread, and future winning tipsters, please remember to complete it? It will act as a fascinating reference point way down the line.

Good luck



  1. Welcome Samantha and Luke
    It is easy to believe we are a bunch of angry white middle class middle aged men by our posts but we actually do not ever offend each other except by a complete fluke.
    Most of us have migrated from the Guardian and I was going to say we hold on to our Guardian values but I noticed their Racing Forum was a bit nasty yesterday. So we have to just rely on the values of this Forum which has yet to yield a personal or nasty comment.
    Welcome. Freshen the fogies up.


    1. Welcome Samantha and Luke. Please join in with your knowledge. Rarely do I disagree with the most learned EGS, but I am not ‘white’, I’m ‘Dirty’ and a ‘Northerner’ and I have just necked a half decent bottle of Brunello di Montalcino on the part proceeds of Ottomon Empire. Only the working class know how to live. The middle class simply aspire.


      1. DNB,
        As soon as I posted I regretted it and wish I could retract.
        Firstly the association with white middle aged middle class and “angry” is just lazy on my part and an insult to anyone from that ethnic background.
        Levels of anger are consistent across all demographics.
        Secondly I never really perceived anger on the Guardian TH. A bit personal maybe at times but nothing on the Horse Racing section to compare to the Food Pages. So another lazy bad comment.
        Thirdly I am a Newbie and have no right to comment on anything as if I have somehow experienced this Forum


      2. I’ve often thought the middle class are just working class people who feel they’ve earned the right to get peed off when someone parks in front of their house. Also refusing to watch itv (sport aside), is generally another sign.


      3. ” I have just necked a half decent bottle of Brunello di Montalcino on the part proceeds of Ottomon Empire. Only the working class know how to live.” We used to have small nips of it with the milk in the school playground in Moss Side in the 1950s, shouting, “Salute!” to the passers-by on Princess Road. You have broken the needle on the ironymeter. If anyone takes offence at this post, I shall ask Joe to take it out.


      4. DN, I’ll ‘alf inch that quote about the working class and middle class. It’d be great to whip out at dinner parties if I ever got invited to one.


  2. Great stuff, Joe. Doing this every day would drive me potty. So I thought it might be good to remind contributors that we can thank Joe for his huge commiment by buying him a coffee. I had to dig this out from January this year, written by Joe when he wasn’t shouldering the new daily posting, just giving us the benefit of his long pondered tips.

    ” A few subscribers have asked why I provide everything free on this blog. Well, it’s not so much altrusim as the knowledge that if I started charging, even a small amount, it would affect my judgement. If you feel you’d like to make a small contribution, you can buy me a coffee here at

    Good luck to all today.


    1. You only need to take a look at the guy to know he is a diamond. The f—-ing Guardian have lost a real tribe.


  3. Great stuff Joe. We seem to be building a bit of communiity
    Plenty pride in that. It’s a team game and let’s see how those yungster s do Thanks for all efforts


  4. Love it ! Welcome Sam and Luke ! Have read both your blogs and posts and it’s top stuff ! Impressive write ups and results !

    Naps and some tips and thoughts from me tommrow when I’ve seen what the weather holds !


  5. Great to see younger folk joining in and helping to move the blog onwards and upwards. I always felt I was one of the younger ones around these parts and I turned 39 last week(!!), so to have some proper young blood entering the ranks is most welcome (especially ones that pick out 50/1 winners!! 😉). It would be interesting to know if there has been a rise in visitors to the sight since the leap from the guardian a month ago. Any rise would really be a reflection on the sterling effort by Joe running the blog and the (dare I say) consistently decent level of tips found on a daily basis. Long may it continue 🍻


          1. Years of sports injuries, sound like a maraca band when I roll out if bed in a morning! At least I’m not at the stage of loudly exhaling, when sitting down/getting up put of a chair…….yet


      1. That’s great to hear Joe. Personally speaking, as someone who only really commented on Saturdays (in the guardian years), I’ve felt the need to nap every day to help the site grow. It’s interesting that obviously the interest is there, why it is the guardian let TH go down the pan??


  6. So the nap tomorrow is STRATUM Galway 5.30 in a double with WINK OF AN EYE in the last at Goodwood. Small stages advised or pockets sew up. Some decent races to watch but only for junkie punters to deal with.


  7. Tricky day so it’s Lunch money bets – going for the EW offers on Skybet.

    NB – 1.50 Calling the wind 10-1 – back in a handicap and looked to relish the step up in trip last time.

    3.00 Rhoscolyn 9-1 –
    Oisin picks up ride for David Omeara – horse has been in great form this season. Had form at goodwood and on all ground. Ok draw.

    NAP 4.10 Passion and glory 100/30
    Looks like it’s clicked for this horse and he is on the up. Sad to go against Euchan glen but Mogul won’t like the ground if the rain comes.

    3.55 Bangor on Dee –
    Two Blondes 6-1
    Brian Hughes in board for McCain. Cheekpieces on and this horse looks like it may have found it’s winning opportunity

    All races backed EW on skybet 5+ Places offered …. and a small EW Yankee and acca


  8. Great to have the young uns on board .As I’m a proper fossil next week (70) i just wish there was a switch we could pull to take us back to their age knowing what we know know .Mistakes I’ve made a few ( hundred )

    Joe is doing such a great job in building the site up.Much appreciated.

    As DNB said there will be some syndicate news this weekend.


  9. With baaeed way to short to nap, I will nap rhoscolyn 15:00 Goodwood.

    Following Joe’s lead with the extra place accumulator here goes.

    13:50 Goodwood (7 places) elysian flame, just Hubert

    15:00 (6 places) Rhoscolyn, maydanny

    15:35 (4 places) battaash, dragon symbol

    16:45 (4 places) dandy dinmont, jadhlaan, sir Henry cotton


  10. Thanks everyone for the welcome wishes. My NAP today is Hallowed Star at Galway in the 4:30. An opening mark of 116 looks very lenient for his efforts to date. The very talented Jordan Gainford gets the leg up.

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    1. Nice work, Luke, landing your ‘maiden’ nap at 2/1. We have a system here of posters of winning naps/tips posting their result on the July Winners thread. Would you kindly do so, mentioning the price?

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Will be going EW today as can’t pick a winner for any money. Rajinsky ew in the 1.50 is the poor beast burdened by my selection. Others are El Drama (ew), Shelir (ew, was going to select Rhoscolyn but draw and weight turnaround makes Shelir the one), Dragon Symbol, Euchen Glen, Adeb, Wink of an Eye. Good luck folks.


  12. As a silver-haired irritable old bat, I feel quite at home here! But it’s great if Samantha and Luke will join in!
    As for today, to get the agony over early I’m going for Coeur de Lion 13.50. at Glorious.

    Yes, I KNOW. but like L Cohen said I’m ‘looking for the card so high and wild, he’ll never need to deal another.’
    But again, my bets are not so much lunch money (Steelman) as crisp packet pence.
    But it’s fun.

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  13. Joe’s perm is a “corker” (cf Dirty Northerner’s Brunello di Montalcino), much after my own betting tendencies and following La Perdeuse’s “high and wild card” (Cohen) I hope, ” Even damnation is poisoned with rainbows” and “The hand of your beggar is burdened down with money” (The Old Revolution) – today, everyone.
    So many tips, I’ll have to have nap first.

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  14. Over the sticks again for the nap Sir Tivo Bangor 3.20 with an additional shout out for another at the meeting Finisk River in the 1.35.

    Good luck all as ever.


  15. Welcome to the ragazzi, Samantha and Luke. Looks like I’ll have to up my game!!!

    And many thanks to Joe for all the work on the blog. It must take up a good bit of your time, grazie mille.

    Had a look at yesterday’s TH on The Guardian… really has turned quite nasty! I could feel the aggression coming through the screen!!! Back later with my “NAP”!!


    1. I just reread my post….it comes across as presumptuous! It implies I have a game to up!

      Anyway, today’s NAP is BUA BOY in the 5.00 Galway, 7/1 or so. Won this race last year..


  16. Thanks to Quai for his unstinting support and regular publicising of my Kofi account. And thank you to all who have bought me a coffee. I think I’ll abandon that Kofi avenue now. Everyone here is picking winners – some at great prices, and there will be many visitors who read for the tips. For those visitors who want to say thanks to all of you, perhaps we should set up a link to the Injured Jockeys Fund. Maybe we can discuss this in the Lounge next week.

    The WordPress platform is a huge advantage in running the blog; they do all the heavy lifting on security, spam, updates etc. It does have limitations, but there are few. The work I need to do has been much reduced since you all began highlighting your own winners. Thank you.


  17. Horses running today for the 2nd time in 3 days include Battleoverdoyen, Annamix and Escobar which would not be alowed at Cheltenham.
    Is it my imagination or did Harrytheactor suggest a double previously on Escobar who today runs in the 15.00 at Goodwood and Pablo Escobarr who today runs in the 16.10 at Goodwood?
    It certainly wasn’t at the same meeting within little over an hour.
    You know that bet has to be made.
    I don’t know what O’Meara is up to the 15.00 with his 4 runners. I hate mob handed team tactics.
    I will have a saver on Rhoscolyn who is my nap but leave Pablo Escobarr to fight it out on his own terms in the 16.10.
    In the 13.50 The Grand Visir has figuers of 322332 which always draws me in whilst it would be ironic if Couer de Lion earned a Timeform squiggle.
    I see R. Hannon using the Jockey Thore Hammer Hansen today and I am not sure about Parents demonstrating their own brand of humour when naming a child. I certainly don’t like it in the naming of Racehorses.


    1. I backed Annamix the other day and he was ridden along from the start and was pulled up when, I suspect, Patrick Mullins’s energy had gone. Battleoverdoyen another who has become hugely disappointing – looks a fine project for Sandy Thomson and if I could afford. him I’d buy and send him there. The fact that Annamix is turned out again could be significant, especially with Townend now aboard and riding with supreme confidence. Annamix had 3 months off before his run on Wednesday, having finished last season on a very positive note. He’s worth another chance.


  18. My Nap for today is Smart Champion 1.50 – -shorter now than when I made my selections last night but taken 7-1. David Simcock is not in the best form, but the horse is well weighted against many of last year’s rivals. Win single, and in EW double with Rhoscolyn 3.00
    I’ve also done another win only double with Baaeed 2.25 and Battaash 3.35, but my previous two win doubles this week have yielded FOUR seconds! So a good sign if you fancy Dragon Symbol in the King George.


  19. I don’t recall ever watching ITV growing up, except for The Big Match on Sunday afternoons. When I starting going racing in the early 80s, I always paid the extra to go into the Members Enclosure. I’m not sure what this says about me.

    Nap for today is PASSION AND GLORY in the 16:10 at Goodwood.


    1. I watched the Big Match and whilst the late Brian Moore is a revered figure I cannot but help think of him without reference to the cult band ‘Half Man Half Biscuit’ whose memorable lyrics include “Brian Moore’s Head looks uncannily like London Planetarium”.
      I respect that tip from Joe on Annamix and I know you should never abandon your Horses if you think there is a latent ability that might be recovered at any time when you least expect it.
      Like Saldier yesterday.
      I need to take my pain out on someone and will remind Joe I backed Red Marauder at 50/1 in the Grand National.
      Further salt to the wounds; my stake was a cut out freebie coupon from a Red Top.
      I suspect Joe is thinking rationally about Annamix but I am in the last dance of the Disco territory at Galway and need a Taxi home.


  20. Hi all! Thanks for having us involved! Difficult choice for a NAP today but a filly I’d really love to see win is Fille De La Lune (7:20 Musselburgh). I saw her as a yearling and she’s stunning. She’s raced twice and finished second and fourth. Hopefully she can get her head in front with Pierre-Louis Jamin taking off a handy 5lbs. I’m also interested in Phoenix Way at Galway in the very competitive 6:40.


  21. Just back yet another crap game of golf to find out I’m actually up on the day with my next nap (how stupid that sounds) is Magical Morning in the next at Goodwood.


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