Talking Horses Sunday August 1st 2021

Hitlist: Samantha from Reinitinracing tipped Save A Forest, a 13/2 chance for her first winner on the blog in just two days’ tipping. Mickle offered what seemed a quick run-through of the Goodwood card, but ended up naming three winners in Wonderful Tonight, Prince Alex, and Rebel Territory – cool stuff, Mickle.

Backing up a bit I owe David an apology after missing his 11/8 nap the other day; nice work, David.

The Steelman must have planted the seeds of his Goodwood tips in the Spring; they bloomed beautifully bang on time through the meeting, especially the last three days with naps Trueshan, Whendealisdone, Passion and Glory, and yesterday Rebel Territory at 7/2. He added Call The Wind at 10s as a tip plus a fine EW landed with 40/1 (advised) Total Commitment – 66/1 SP. Simply brilliant, consistent tipping, epitomising my experience of all our tipsters here – when one hits form – and I guarantee they all will – it tends to last for days, as confidence grows. For the moment, The Steelman is stainless!

The blog’s last winning nap is already gathering dust and spider webs, but we must persevere as all punters know, and today the nap is the Brian Hughes ridden Irish runner in the 4.37 Market Rasen, Mourne Lass at 2/1

As ever, please leave your naps below in the comments section, and post again in the shiny, flawless, unbeaten August Winners Thread.

Good luck.

All the best.


    1. Ummed and Ahhed at this one DNB, as I quite liked the (eventual) 2nd, then I had to take them all to the beach so ‘blindly’ followed – 12/1 captured too! Cracker mate – great NAP 🙂


  1. Evening Joe I foolishly ignored your perm advice again and then kicked myself as I watched each leg come in.

    Hope you got a nice return


  2. That is now 25 Ballydoyle Horses in a row that have failed to cross the winning post in 1st position.
    I don’t know what that makes me down off a level 1 euro stake over the last 25 races. Is it 25 euros?
    It is not the lack of winners that is killing me but the lack of places.
    I like e.w. bets which makes me down around 50 euros off a level 1 euro e.w bet as they are not getting placed.
    I have speculated on the crappy breeding lines of Scat Daddies and War Fronts being the source of decline at Ballydoyle but the Horses that have been humiliated are Galileos which leads me to the viral hypothesis.
    Maybe Snowfall has a symbiotic relationship with her pet virus but she must be the only one.
    Galileos who win by long distances make it look easy but they run on full throttle and I don’t trust her pet virus us to be a friend to her on Arc day.
    I am desperate. I have already sent my son on an innovative Chimney Sweep Apprenticeship Scheme.
    I have the ultimate shameful thought. Doubling up.
    I will start with Fermoy in the 13.40 at Galway tomorrow as I work in Fermoy every Thursday
    Then I will move on to Cyclamen in the second race.
    If I haven’t succeeded by The Algarve in the Naas opener on Monday I might have to join that Chimney Sweep Scheme myself.


    1. Tabor had 1 in del mar sat nite Astromoner it was useless.
      I Am going to Stud maybe you should think about it .
      I never meet race guys anymore.
      As you know avoid festival style meets.


  3. I think todayi will have Chives in the 3 o clock at Market Rasen. Should get a run for money though I’ll be playing bowls at that time and won’t see the race. It’s life lived at 100 miles an hour here.

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  4. Today’s NAP is Eurocrat 2.15 Galway, 5/2 or so.

    A mention for David Barron’s On A Session in the 3.15. 8/1 , it hasn’t travelled over the Irish Sea for the good of it’s health!


  5. Yesterday’s Skybet perms were ‘successful’ in that I landed, trebles, foursomes, and fivesomes, but the placed horses came from the low end of the market so I had a loss of about £30. The only two enhanced places races on Skybet today are at Thirsk and I have permed as. follows:

    3.25 Cassy O: Shawaamekh: Candescence

    3.57 Trinity Lake: Lion Tower: Star Shield

    9 £1EW doubles plus win bets on Cassy O and Lion Tower

    Good luck


  6. Today’s losing nap is Ambassadorial who is on as long a losing streak as me. Jane C-H can spring the odd surprise and no-one rides Chester as well as Kingscote (well maybe Frannie).
    I note that Michael has called this forum a mini-me TH. Is he jealous about being left behind?

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  7. I’ve backed 2 in the 16.05 at Market Rasen. I’m not sure I’d call either of them naps. Evas Diva and Chess Player. Both E.w.


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