Talking Horses August 7th 2021

Wrong nap again yesterday for the blog as second choice Celerity romped home at 40/1 (advised at 50/1). EW single on Celerity and one £1 place treble landed – Miinhaaj – Our Man In Havana – Celerity, but Greta Bridge, painfully, the only one out of a place thus binning all place accumulators. Still, Celerity kept the Hitlist going on a rare slow day for our tipsters.

The blog’s nap is East Asia in the 1.25. Here is one comparative shorty and one double figure runner in each of the other Ascot races that I’ll be putting in EW perms with Skybet who offer an extra place in every race.

12.50 Aplomb: Count D’Orsay

2.00 Mancini: HMS President

2.35 Bear Force One: Dance Fever

3.10 Star Caliber: Prison Break

3.45 Shark Two One: Popmaster

An odd looking entry catches my eye in the 3.00 Haydock: Central City, one who’s been running well over middle distances and is now suddenly dropped to 7f with a claimer who appears to be making his debut – Bradley Furniss. Trainer Ian Williams is no fool; he’s had 3 runners in the past two days and they’ve finished 1,1,3. He’s 28/1 to 4 places with Skybet and at that price I’m happy to take a chance EW.

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at the Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day. There is a Winners thread for each month.

We also have a Lounge thread for general chat, though as a forum we are a bit limited to what WordPress, our host here, provides as far as structure goes.

Thanks for looking in. Good luck with your bets today, but please bear in mind that this is meant to be ‘fun’. There are many wise heads posting tips here and we haven’t yet gone a day without somebody tipping a winner. But never bet more than you can afford to lose. Small stakes can still produce wide smiles.

All the best


  1. Celerity was a fine.tip. Cleared my feet today with very little success elsewhere.

    August been tricky and tomorrow its a knockout, copyright EGS.

    We keep trying. My best chance of a winner today was finding a pound coin in the street. Much as I’m not fan of Gone with the wind ( Over long, bad acting) it does suggest Tomorrow is another day. Pretty sure it will be


  2. SYNDICATE UPDATE on the syndicate thread. Email registration has been good to date, but some others need to register to allow development.

    Apologies to main TH’ers we will soon become more private, but we will keep you informed. However, initial communication for syndicate business has to be established.

    Still 17.5% per cent shares remaining in our lovely filly! Purchase cost is likely to be below that previously advised.


          1. Hello Rob,
            This is weird. Your’s is the only email I have not received and I have checked the junk mail. Are you putting the hyphen between Talking and Horses?
            If this persists, please email Joe at Steeplechasing and ask him to forward your email.

            All the best


            1. Just clicking on the link. I’ll type it out and try again. It maybe tomorrow though as I’m working this afternoon until late.


  3. A real shame Celerity didn’t bring you a bigger reward !
    Ascot 2.35. I’ll put a line through his last run, then he ought to be competitive.
    Ew Nap. Lord Rapscallion. Ascot 2.35.


  4. Two for tommrow and the double.

    4.10 Haydock – Foxes Tales 9/2 ew Nap
    5.00 Mewmarket – Sir Rumi 9/2 NB

    30-1 double


  5. FWIW My mate based in Ascot has reported very heavy rain – perhaps check Racing Post live tomorrow morning before making selections? Regardless my nap is Dream composer in the ascot 3.45


  6. I am going to get my lazy arse up to Mallow tomorrow as I feel my physical lack of presence is hindering the morale of Horses who I have tipped lately.
    I know you will all be glued to Shergar Cup Day but I must forego that pleasure.
    I am also going back to basics as I am sick of these Fancy Dan Stables and must return to the Mother Earth.
    This is my coupon.
    13.35. HMS Endeavour.
    14.42. Military Style.
    16.55. High Heels and Willow.
    17.25. Lord of the Manor and Key to the Kingdom.
    I have put them in e.w. doubles.
    There is only so much a man can take. These Horses will have to look me in the eye before they start any of the capers that Horses I have backed recently have got in to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I meant Mother Ship.
      Clearly the only winner in recent memory has addled my mind to the extent of saying Mother Earth.


  7. Good morning, not only can I not NAP a winner of late, now I cannot even tip a horse that actually runs in a race (Call me Freddie handed in a sick note yesterday)! Back later with today’s certainty. My father would never let me take his bets to Joe Sugrue’s bookie shop, called me a magpie , hmmm 🤔…..


  8. Under oath nap (Newmarket) 14:15

    Might try a small accumulator, treble, doubles on the following:

    Under oath
    Value theory (NB) 14:50
    Quintillus 16:30

    Real world 16:10

    Good luck all.


  9. Given the marked changes in the going at Haydock & probably Ascot I’m minded to paraphrase the old Monty Python sketch, Solomon’s Wines…….This is not a day for punting, this is a day for laying down and avoiding. 😉


  10. The nap has to be BOLSHOI BALLET, Saratoga 10.10, backed at 1.88 (enhanced odds), and in multiples with FALL OF ROME 15/8 Newmarket 3.25, FOXES TALES 7/4 Haydock 4.10, and Braveheart’s VALUE THEORY 100/30 Newmarket 2.50.
    Shergar Cup – joke racing named after a great horse.


    1. Good luck Luke,

      I liked how the horse persisted after being troubled by the loose one. Hung a bit to the left, but that’s probably down to the interference.



    Thanks to all who have responded so far with their email details and postal addresses to:-

    I’m just missing the details of LUKEH, GOURIN56 and ARKLE66. Please email when you have time.

    And thanks for trying ROBH. I have suggested another route through Joe or Dilton.


  12. I’ve decided that Joe Fanning’s going to have a good day. And Group One Power in the 2.00 will, I repeat will, win. Or maybe not.
    I also note that Richard Fahey’s won a couple this week. Stable coming back to form?

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  13. The one Saturday of the year when I’m often not watching racing – like others, NOT a fan of the Shergar cup.
    But as I’ve a free bet from Betfair, I’m watching some of it.., Value Theory 2.50 is my NAP -was going to double with Real World, but now struggling to find an alternative!


  14. Today’s NAP E/W is Ardbraccan 2.50 Newmarket, currently 12/1 or so….Rossa Ryan for R Hannon

    Re. “It’s a knockout”, Mjw1959 likes it (“my personal favourite”)so there!!!

    Good luck with all your bets…


  15. I know this should move to the Lounge but I have been reflecting on 2 Horse Racing things.
    Firstly have future Jockeys being getting adequate training with Covid-19 restrictions? How many lessons in the past 18 months?
    My son lost interest in attending Riding School as it was no longer part of his routine.
    Secondly why has no Journalist noticed this fact; APOB is walking away with the Irish Trainers Championship.
    He is 3rd by half a million behind A. Balding in the UK Trainers Championship.
    He is 3rd by half a million behind Napoleon in the French Trainers Championship.
    He only needs to win the Arc to strike Fabre down (easier said than done for the Ballydoyle bogey Race).
    He has no Ammo.
    Only Point Lonsdale stirs my heart these days and he will break it one day.
    APOB is in this elevated position on very limited ammo.
    I think the greatest single achievement in Racing in a Calendar year was the 1-2-3-4-5 by Dickenson in the GC.
    If APOB becomes Champion Trainer in the 3 main European Countries in a Calendar year then it has to be a shout out as possibly the single greatest achievement in the Racing Calendar year.


    1. Good comment EGS and the weird thing is that it feels like a poor season for Ballydoyle. They keep notching up decent races and I believe they will do so again tonight in Saratoga. Do you think that they have too many horses and could this be why there have been so many poor results in the last 6 weeks. I’ve hardly backed an AOB horse during this time, save for the obvious candidates.
      I think the Arc will not happen for Ballydoyle. However, if he does pull off the trilogy it will be a greater fear than that wizard Dickinson.


  16. Hi guys! Sorry for being so inactive lately. I’ve not had many confident fancies mid week and it slipped my mind as I’ve had a busy week. I’m going with Bolshoi Ballet today in the 22:10 at Saratoga. I’m a massive fan of this horse and his win at Belmont last time was excellent. He’s so tough and should run very well.


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