Talking Horses Saturday August 14th 2021

The Hitlist bloomed again yesterday with some fine priced tips from our esteemed commenters. Bacciodilupo followed up Thursday success with EW nap Cluan Dara winning at 11/1. David too hit the list two days running with Contingency Fee at 9/2, and Alan who’d had two placed naps this week landed his EW nap with Spanish Star winning at 8/1. Remarkable tipping, gents; thank you.

If I’ve missed anyone, please give me a shout via the August Winners thread.

Do I need to tell you where the blog’s nap finished? Down the field again. Today I hope for better luck with True Blue Moon at 14/1 in the 3.10 Ripon.

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at the Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day. There is a Winners thread for each month.

We also have a Lounge thread for general chat, though as a forum we are a bit limited to what WordPress, our host here, provides as far as structure goes.

Thanks for looking in. Good luck with your bets today, but please bear in mind that this is meant to be ‘fun’. There are many wise heads posting tips here and we haven’t yet gone a day without somebody tipping a winner. But never bet more than you can afford to lose. Small stakes can still produce wide smiles.

All the best


  1. Phew, some great tipping yesterday (not me obviously). Think if My Style can start on level terms he could win the Newmarket 2.35 Greys race at a decentish 6/1 as to my eyes this has been the plan for him since last year.


  2. I posted too late on my amazing e.w. double on Orinoco Moon and Twilight Payment at the Curragh yesterday on the August’s winner thread to allow it to have migrated over here.
    I don’t remember the gap between the last day of Goodwood and the Marois ever being as long as this year.
    I suppose I was always on Holiday or in an induced state of coma
    For someone of my sensibilities I have a right to protest that this Calendar does not work for me from late July to lateish August.
    I am going to register my protest by refusing to nap anything today.


    1. Actually I will make a nap.
      A double at Arlington Park.
      The transatlantic runnings of Ballydoyle have been good and I cannot desert my 2 friends; Santa Barbara at 22.49 and Armory at 00.13 in a double that is currently at 15/2 on Bet 365.


  3. As i have an interest in astronomy…with a pretty good setup …sometimes i will pick a lucky 15 just by names of horses with an astronomical link….my nap today was Spanish Star more by form but coincidently with the link….obviously your tips with the words “Moon” and “Twilight” could not be ignored to go into a nice Patent…thank you very much….Todays racing is tricky but i have two in mind but as they feature in 8 runner entries i shall wait to see if there are any non runners before posting my tentative bets…Good luck with your future bets


  4. Starshiba 2.55 Newb @8/1 is the nap today,this will be my last post till Thursday as I will be offline.Well done yesterdays winners.


  5. I missed yesterday’s tipping as I was stuck on a motorway all day, so well done to the winning tipsters! Today’s nap is Aratus 14:55 Newbury. Good luck all.


  6. Talk of the Stars reminds me that if their two full months in a calendar month the second one is a Blue Moon. That fact together with the sound of Wollworths lifts provided to me by Nanci Griffiths who’s One Fair Summer Evening is one of my favourites. Passed away and hopefully waving to to the boys from the back of the bus in some other realm.

    Today’s nap is Glamaroous Breeze, 5.10 opener at Bath whos task should be made easier but price shorter by withdrawal of the obvious Main rival. Swings and roundabouts.


      1. “Nanci”, my apologies, I do not like predictive text!!! Nicely said, Harry. And yes, my tape cassette of Little Love Affairs was very well worn, brings back great memories of what now seems like more innocent times. But, of course, they were not so. Love at the Five and Dime, another great song. Addio!


    1. Nanci, how sad. She battled various cancers for years and had to retire because it all became too much. She was a great Texan and vocal opponent of Texan Republicanism and Big Oil. A true independent. But above all, what a voice that lady had, and she wrote some of the greatest songs from America. From a Distance is one of the biggest goosebump anthems ever for me – it even survived intact after Cliff’s cover of it. I used to play her cassettes in the car until they almost melted – some of the best driving music I know, even though I never owned a Ford Econoline.


      1. Thanks Harry for the description and anecdote. I am never up to speed with the best popuar music..even decades after it hit the ether. I can catch up.


  7. As previously mentioned MR WAGYU was backed at 10’s for the Great St. Wolf and I see that Mr Wood has approved in today’s G. However, one is not allowed to pass comment there.

    I am with Rob J on ARATUS at 9/4 Newbury 2.55, very impressive LTO. But the nap is PHILOMENE 100/30 Deauville 3.25. Other interests are HUKUM at evens Newbury 2.20, JUST BEAUTIFUL 7/4 Deauville 2.50, and DANCE FEVER 11/8 Donny 3.00. Some single bets, multiples and a Canadian on the last 5 mentioned.

    The consistent French form of GEORGIA 10/1 Deauville 4.35 demands a small interest.


  8. Also with Philomene at Deaville but hard to not to also have a saver in Derab with Frankie on board.

    Enjoying a weekend in London with the Mrs ! No watching the racing for me! But have just had a Dishoom Indian breakfast which was Delish

    Have a good weekend folks


  9. My brain is becoming fuddled trying to pick a winner today with any confidence… Local trainer Dianne Sayer has two at Perth and you know what happens should you ignore them…The 15:50 is the bigger prize money £10,400 so an EW Nap on Beeno 12/1….. In the 14:10 prize money £4,200 and her other runner is Dan’s Cross also at 12/1…two each way singles and an EW double. Good luck with all of your tips today.


  10. They both seem to be taking a significant drift in the market, but I fancy two in the 3.30 Hungerford Stakes today;
    My NAP is Sacred (who I’ll put in an EW double with something) 13/2 and a small EW on Lanequash 22-1.
    Maybe Al Suhail will prove better than both, but at the prices I’ll have a punt.


    1. Wish I’d done the forecast, but at least I have something to post on the winners thread this month. Also had the short priced double of Hukum and Aratus up today 🙂


  11. The first Gt St Wilf I attended taught me I know little about horses. Soba looked like a scraggy pony so I went with the 2nd favourite. We all know the story. Lampang today.


  12. I haven’t got a clue today….but will propose SHOULDERING as a very tentative NAP in the 4.15 Newmarket. D Menuisier’s only runner today (as far as I can see), in a very modest Class 4 race. Congrats to all winning tipsters yesterday and good luck with your bets today .


  13. Three Group race wins in the space of 35 minutes for the Haggas yard in Newbury and Deaville. A good day at the office.


  14. Going to the Lake District for a couple of days tomorrow…mobile reception can be a bit iffy…Sunday Nap is Wether Fell 17:25 at Pontefract currently 9/2…. As per usual, Saturday is normally my worst day of the week for picking winners and todays was no exception…


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