1. Good morning all,

    After a pretty unforgettable Sunday of racing, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and I’m feeling good as the song goes.

    Just a few for entertainment today

    Singles & Double – Leicester 3.10 Faustus, Wolverhampton 6.30 Tomshalfbrother
    Lucky 15 – Leicester 2.00 Evening Song, 2.35 Country Pyle, 3.10 Newyorkstateofmind, 3.45 Blades Equal

    Good luck to everyone with your bets


  2. Kapsize is a horse i tend to bet, won last time out and thats historically not a grea time to catch it but who knows.

    Its todays Nap in the Warwick 4.10


  3. MAX FLAMINGO Listowal 16.55, each way. The 20s available yesterday has gone, now into 10s and less in places. Not my money 😉


  4. On the basis that Frank often follows up a stinker with a rather more inspired ride by way of contrition, my nap goes to Cromarty in the 8.00. Can’t be as considerately ridden as last time, or as poorly ridden as Smoothoperator in the 7.00.


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