Talking Horses Wednesday September 22nd 2021

Apologies to El Gran Senor whose Ayr Gold Cup winner Bielsa, advised at 10/1, I wrongly credited to Mickle. Sorry, EGS. They’re hard enough to come by without me depriving you of one!

Mickle did step in on Tuesday to get the only return of the day for the Hitlist with his EW Arranmore, 2nd at 9/1. As noted by David, the blog appeared halfway down the main page as I forgot to ‘stick’ it to the top – mea culpa, again!

If I’ve missed anyone, please give me a shout via the September Winners thread.

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at The Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day. There is a Winners Thread for each month.

What This Blog Is For

As mentioned above this long-running Steeplechasing blog was adapted in a hurry when The Guardian announced they were cutting back on their (usually) daily Talking Horses section. Many punters had gathered there over the years to exchange ideas and fancies. Part of the adapting we had to do at the start of this blog was restricting this daily main article to tips/naps, while we found our feet regarding house rules, moderation and stuff like that.

We are now in a position to open this main daily article to all subjects. It can be very enjoyable when something is latched onto by our knowledgeable, quick-witted posters as they indulge in wordplay and jousting. We still want tips of course, from those who want to tip. It’s by no means an obligation.

If you do post a tip/nap, just include it with whatever subject you are discussing, preferably at the foot of your post. So long as you remember to come back after a winner and put the details of that win in the monthly Winners Thread, then we can include you on the Hitlist in the next day’s main article.

General guidance: No swearing, please. We’re not prudes, it’s just that there is wide scope in the swearword lexicon and we do not have moderators (and hope we’ll never need them). Also, please keep discussions on politics and religion to The Lounge section, though brief references to these subjects in the main article are not forbidden.

Thanks for looking in. If you are betting, especially if you follow our tipsters, good luck with your bets, but please bear in mind that this is meant to be ‘fun’. There are many wise heads posting tips here and we haven’t yet gone a day without somebody tipping a winner. But never bet more than you can afford to lose. Small stakes can still produce wide smiles.

All the best

Moderator Rules

Any post drawn to my attention that I deem unsuitable will be deleted or edited, depending on the content.

Ask a dozen individuals what they deem suitable for anything and you’ll probably get 12 different answers. So, decisions will be made on my judgement. In the altered post, I will explain my reasons for adjusting/deleting a post and there will be no appeal, unless I have made a blunder (not impossible).

I do not always have the time to read every post, so, if you believe a post needs moderated, please use the ‘contact me‘ form.

Many thanks.



  1. No worries, Joe.
    I could tip 10 winners at 10/1 in a row and still not be taken as seriously as Mickle.
    I will follow his nap on Sea Sylph.
    I am ambivalent about Listowel Races.
    I know many people for whom it is an annual communal gathering and it is the final admittance that summer is gone.
    I have never felt sad there on the 3 or 4 days I went there.
    I love that aspect of things but a snob like me will always regard a certain empty space on the Irish Calendar the week before the Beresford Stakes on Saturday.
    Listowel just goes on forever and a Friday Curragh meeting with lots of 2 yo potential Classic winning maidens in its place isn’t much to ask.

    A massive response to the rare Guardian Horse Racing article yesterday.
    My responses to Gordon Elliot criticism never materialised.
    My nap is based on the common understanding that this is the baddest man on the planet; Gordan Dai Dai in the 14.10 at Listowel at 7/2.


    1. Did they not materialise, egs? Conspiracy theories will abound as to why but perhaps it just shows how very well-policed (cough) they are over there….btw your nap is clearly a made-up name contrived to make your post even more humorous (and I say that having seen the racecard and read the words ‘Gordon Dai Dai’ several times!) …I think that was pretty ‘Farout’ (my nap in the 2.45 List., 4/5 ) of the IRHB to accept that name but hopefully Mr Elliott has a good sense of humour about it unlike most of the self-appointed guardians of the sport. Interesting that in all the (inevitable) hoo-ha over his return -which, yes, given the supposed damage he’s done to the sport (and human-animal relations in general) is premature- absolutely no mention has been made of Denise ‘Sneezy’ Foster who took up the reins at Cullentra House expertly and set them down again without a murmur. It’s like she’s been airbrushed from history and some of us know how that feels! Nb is Farclas in the 4.25 over there, 4/1. Game effort by the grey in the National, could be ready to roll.


  2. 2 for for today and small ew double.
    I have a feeling I will regret my choice of going against Mickle on the Naps.

    Rosebead 9-1 EW Nap 3.27 Goodwood
    Darrasso 9-1 EW NB 4.25 Listowel (Kerrynational)

    Good luck folks


  3. Cookie raised the question this morning in his Front Runner article of whether there should be a regulation regarding the retirement age of NH racehorses. He noted that KRUZHLININ runs today in the Kerry National a few months away from turning 15.
    He’s against, but acknowledges that the 14 year old won in March.
    I would assume it must come down to the owner and the trainer. If the horse is still enjoying it, why not? Then again, don’t they deserve a rest at this age?
    Any thoughts on this matter.


      1. Very true, still surprised that old red nose let it slip that he still rules the roost and oversees transfer policy!!!

        I’m hoping that Freak Out will be a “chic” solution and bring home a wonderful Tutty double.


  4. Morning all,

    The racing looks a bit better than in recent days, I’ll be giving these a go:

    Goodwood 4.02 Mazzuri (e/w), 4.35 Saaheq
    Kempton 5.15 Peripeteia (e/w), 7.45 Eagles Dare
    Redcar 1.00 Superior Force, 4.53 Harrogate & Buniann (both e/w)

    Good luck to everyone with your bets


  5. If I was currently in the UK I would be throwing my 10p ew on a Yankee involving Imrahor (Goodwood 13;45), Migration (Goodwood 14;52), Percy’s Pride (Goodwood 15:27), and Go Another One (Perth 15:35) as all the aforementioned are on my tracker. But since I’m not in the UK I shall follow EGS and his rich vein of form and lump the Yankee stake on Gordon Dai Dai.

    Nap is SHENDAM at Delaware Park in the 21:15


  6. re old timers racing, i dont know? I would defer to Dilton say to offer his knowledge on whether some horses still enjoty the sport at 14 or 15. As we see most days there’s some that dont enjoy it much at 3 or 4 and act accordingly so iI suspect its a highly individual thing. If its not a “going day” for a horse as we often see there’s not much the Jockey can do to convince them otherwise!


    1. Depends on the horse . They are definitely not so tough nowadays as in my day ,both codes. When you think of those old times that Mr Bradley trained winning race after race on rock hard ground.
      I’m still smarting about the decision to skip the Arc with Rougets filly . I hope the Jap mare wins it now.


      1. That was cruel, Dilton.
        I suppose after Sottsass last year you won’t be deterred from long term betting in the 2022 Arc despite that setback.
        I don’t want to back Chrono Genesis or Deep Bond just yet until they go down to post.
        After the Ballydoyle fiascos in last year’s Arc and in the Prix Neil this year I worry about a Horse turning up who is travelling from Japan despite their reputation for effective organisation and their love-in with Longchamp authorities.
        Their PM prices shouldn’t shorten on the day as there will be none of the usual Japanese visitors this year (although I no longer see any difference in PM prices and say Ladbrokes prices in the last 10 years).

        With regard to the question by DN I don’t want to misquote you but I believe that you think there is a welfare issue at the other end.
        We cannot undo Horse Racing History and age scales can never be implemented Internationally but should 3 be the age of a maiden flat race and not 2?


    2. Ronan McNally’s See Double You ran this year and is 18 (last win a couple of years ago)- not sure if it’s been retired yet or not! It must just depend on the horse, how resilient it is and how willing connections are to keep rolling the dice…


  7. Very true, still surprised that old red nose let it slip that he still rules the roost and oversees transfer policy!!!

    I’m hoping that Freak Out will be a “chic” solution and bring home a wonderful Tutty double.


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