Talking Horses Friday September 24th 2021

Alan is back once more on the Hitlist, landing yesterday’s EW tip – Beeno, advised at 8s, won at 6s. Great work again, Alan.. You’ve spared the blog’s blushes, maintaining our record of no winnerless days.

If I’ve missed anyone, please give me a shout via the September Winners thread.

My brother Jim took the above picture. Anybody care to guess what has just happened?

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at The Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day. There is a Winners Thread for each month.

What This Blog Is For

As mentioned above this long-running Steeplechasing blog was adapted in a hurry when The Guardian announced they were cutting back on their (usually) daily Talking Horses section. Many punters had gathered there over the years to exchange ideas and fancies. Part of the adapting we had to do at the start of this blog was restricting this daily main article to tips/naps, while we found our feet regarding house rules, moderation and stuff like that.

We are now in a position to open this main daily article to all subjects. It can be very enjoyable when something is latched onto by our knowledgeable, quick-witted posters as they indulge in wordplay and jousting. We still want tips of course, from those who want to tip. It’s by no means an obligation.

If you do post a tip/nap, just include it with whatever subject you are discussing, preferably at the foot of your post. So long as you remember to come back after a winner and put the details of that win in the monthly Winners Thread, then we can include you on the Hitlist in the next day’s main article.

General guidance: No swearing, please. We’re not prudes, it’s just that there is wide scope in the swearword lexicon and we do not have moderators (and hope we’ll never need them). Also, please keep discussions on politics and religion to The Lounge section, though brief references to these subjects in the main article are not forbidden.

Thanks for looking in. If you are betting, especially if you follow our tipsters, good luck with your bets, but please bear in mind that this is meant to be ‘fun’. There are many wise heads posting tips here and we haven’t yet gone a day without somebody tipping a winner. But never bet more than you can afford to lose. Small stakes can still produce wide smiles.

All the best

Moderator Rules

Any post drawn to my attention that I deem unsuitable will be deleted or edited, depending on the content.

Ask a dozen individuals what they deem suitable for anything and you’ll probably get 12 different answers. So, decisions will be made on my judgement. In the altered post, I will explain my reasons for adjusting/deleting a post and there will be no appeal, unless I have made a blunder (not impossible).

I do not always have the time to read every post, so, if you believe a post needs moderated, please use the ‘contact me‘ form.

Many thanks.



  1. Looks like the winners enclosure end of the parade ring at Cheltenham. So either minella indo storming up the hill or the fella sneezing in the middle initiated the super spreader event..

    Do I win a prize??


  2. Hello again from sunny Portugal….only 11 days left..time flies…anyway tomorrow’s tip is Poets Magic 14:40 York Ew currently 15/2


    1. Afternoon all…I’d imagine that we all pick our tips with some degree of confidence…my tip finished 11th in a 12 runner field…shocking.


  3. I think PaulBadham and The Steelman are closer to the mark. That walkway was not there when Istabraq ran.

    Great question Joe.


  4. I am on Newmarket today.
    I don’t think the late Jim Joel would have consented to naming the 15.35. as the ‘Unibet You’re On Joel Stakes’ but that’s children for you.
    I was taught if there are 2 evenly matched horses in the same race from the same stable to back the drifter as punters polarise very quickly with no evidence.
    There will not be much drifting with the ballast I have on Benbatl in that race.
    The G2 Rockfel is my interest today at 15.00.
    It has gone from a de facto G1 to a de facto G3 in the last 5 years.
    I am with Jumbly at 5/1 at 15.00. R.Charlton trained the Dam (Thistle Bird) to win at G1 level.
    My nap however is Albaflora in the preceding 14.25 who is stepping down in class (never a good phrase to use) but must be worth a punt at 9/4.


  5. Not Sir Erec going wrong in the Triumph is it? Looks like JPoB bottom left turning his head. That was a gutting moment especially after he had charmed everyone moments before. sigh Certainly wasn’t a moment to burst into a song like ‘Buttons and Bows’NAP 9/4, 3.55 Listowel. Though Frasier‘s epic rendition of it in one of that classic sitcom’s episodes is a tonic. Well worth finding on Youtube that. Cosmos Raj is the other selection in the 3.50 York, 7/2, looks a good chance for him to sneak his head in front again.


    1. Nobody covers their eyes (like the guy on the right) after a false start surely David -unless the horse they backed has really careered away! That is a hysterical episode though…Peppo the dwarf…


      1. Sounds too tall….. i’m laughing thinking about it. Have to rewatch! You’re probably correct about photo – there is more anguish than i thought. i would be a terrible eye witness to a crime.


  6. Few bets today at York today

    14.05 – Internationaldream EW 12-1 (4 places)
    14.40 – Lion tower 15/2 EW (5 places)
    16.25 – Ghabban 6-1 EW ( 3 places)
    16.55 – International girl EW 4-1 ( 4 places)

    Small bets/Yankee and acca.

    Good luck folks


  7. I’m with Jakebuckfast in the 15.00 at HQ, with the admirable Mr Wagyu 14.05 York.
    At Dundalk 18.15 Kitty Katana.

    Will Milton Harris get a double today?


  8. Will stick with Mr Magyu, York 2.05 for nap who is running for fun. Might be one that beats it obviously but expect it to be bang there. A next best at Worcester, can’t ignore jumps, Thistle do nicely, 14.52.


  9. Fun little Ryder Cup theme e/w double (since being on the actual golf doesn’t seem particularly worth it..yet, anyway): Moliwood in the 3.45 Haydock, 5/1, with Golfe Clair 15/8, 4.35 Worcs.


  10. I think the photo is developing sepia and might be more than 20 years old.
    It is hard to tell as horseracing people don’t tend to reflect the fashion on their day out. Not many bell bottoms or tie dye shirts in the crowd watching the great 1970s hurdle races.
    I think this is a deliberate trick photo competition.
    I am going to opt for the moment either Danoli or Dawn Run (GC) won.


      1. It’s a mixture of shock and disappointment in the crowd; could be a faller at the last, but my money is on the announcement of the new head of the BHA – Rust or Harrington, talk your pick!


  11. Re: Photo “comp’ this could be a great idea going forward Joe. Anyway, as has been pointed out it must be fairly recent as that walkway was opened in 2015, I think.

    imo it’s taken after a race has finished, clues:- people are leaving the paddock, there’s hardly anyone on the walkway & there’s never that many people watching the races from the paddock, even during the Festival.

    Is it even at the Festival ? People well wrapped up & no Irish scarves or flags etc

    Their faces look sad or anxious as though bad news is about to be delivered/received.

    In conclusion, I haven’t got a clue 🙂


  12. I should have added that if I had to guess I would have said the sad demise of Sir Erec. I was there that day & it was an absolute kick in the guts. That beautiful image of him standing quietly while he was re-shod and then………
    And it coming the day after that fantastic Thursday. It left a pall over the whole day, the winner of the Triumph hardly got a cheer.

    Hopefully, Joe it’s something else.


  13. In my usual search for a decent price that I can put in an EW double with something…
    My NAP today is Firmament in 2.40 Y, EW – has drifted so much I got 15-1 4 places.


  14. Good afternoon all,

    Running late today, just back from the opticians. Guess who I bumped into? Everyone!

    On to the racing and stick with a couple of Lucky 15’s :

    1) Newmarket 2.25 Oscula, 3.00 Mystery Angel, York 4.55 – Anjella, Newcastle 7.30 Class Clown
    2) Newmarket 4.40 Glen Esk, York 4.55 Run This Way, Newcastle 5.30 Elzaal, 8.00 Enderman

    Good luck to everyone with your bets

    Liked by 1 person

  15. 2 horses on my tracker today, Cosmos Raj and Asmund. Rakib has already chosen CR and Rakib warned me not to use Asmund again after Asmund was a winning nap for me 10 days ago,

    My nap today is BELFAST BANTER (around 8/1) in the 14:10 at Listowel who has already been a profitable horse for me this year. BB is a grandson of Simply Great who, had he not got injured, who would certainly have won The Derby, stuffing Golden Fleece in the process.

    Regarding Sir Erec, I remember another horse (forgotten name) at Royal Ascot (either that year or the following year) that was also re-shod before the start and broke down and had to be euthanized as well. In neither case do i blame the farrier involved, but the pressure on someone to perform their job in the view of everyone rather than in private (a bit like Timo Werner with the ball 5 yards from goal) would be too much for most of us. I don’t know what statistics the racing authorities keep, but I hope they track all horses deaths, and see if there are any anomalies. I hope they track fallers/deaths per fence/hurdles, fallers/deaths per trainer/jockey etc. Simple standard deviation analysis to show the outliers and then perform more analysis may well lower the death rate over time. Of courses statistics can be misused, but that’s a political decision. I realize that I have a lot of hopes, but I suspect some trainers/jockeys may have records outside the norm. Obviously jockeys/trainers with few runners can easily skew standard deviations, but that’s where the humans interpreting the statistics come into play.


    1. Cosmos has doubled in price since I tipped it, JD, punters fleeing it in droves noting my long absence from the Hitlist and putting two and two together. It does look a battle of the BB’s in that Listowel race -Bua Boy and Belfast Banter and everything else has a chance. Hopefully 5 places are enough.


    2. 18 runners, 17 finish, BB falls at last while in fourth place. 67 points to take lead in September Booby Prize. Take that EGS. Fortunately, horse and jockey seem ok.


      1. You are not in the lead. I am home and hosed with 3 last placed runners in fields of 8.
        I think I should get bonus marks for all 3 running across 3 jurisdictions (particularly Bolshoi Ballet) at Belmont.
        In view of your opinion on one of the great Cecil myths ever I am delighted your 67 points barely dent my lead.


        1. EGS, BB wasn’t even last at Belmont, 4/7 behind my nap Yibir. Yes, I agree Henry Cecil rather talked Simply Great up, apparently he was going to do the Guineas/Derby double. SG also had one of the most unpleasant owners in the history of horse racing.


          1. Attention JD: Asmund didn’t get a penalty in that race he won (apprentices…) so might be a decent bet again tonight – the play is probably a reverse with Daany.
            Update on Buttons and Bows: faller at the last (when having every chance), not quite on his face like Frasier when he sang the song…


          2. Jonathan,
            Okay, I may be only at 114 points but I have the vision of Arsene Wenger.
            I think Bacciodilupo is on 57 and you have finally found some late form on 67 points.
            Why did you not tell the Hitlist about Yibir on that nap at 4/7?
            He could be one of those mental Geldings who expose Thoroughbred form like Cirrus des Aigles or Cigar.
            I am keeping Yibir onside


    3. Jonathan,
      Simply Great would not have won the ’83 Derby.
      A Trainer who had already won 5 Derbies v a Trainer with none.
      No Horse on the planet could survive that kick down the last 3 furlongs.
      Dancing Brave tried a similar trick in ’86 but he wasn’t as good as GF.


  16. Lampaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang he hollered as he fell off Beachy Head… 4th time I have napped this horse now.. today is the day, right!!!


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