Talking Horses Saturday October 9th 2021

Apologies for late opening. Got hit by the perfect storm of travel issues and tech problems. Rakib made the Hitlist yesterday with his NB Barbanera at 7/2. Well done Rakib – kept us afloat. Slow witted as I am, I’m just picking up on the fact that some are, understandably, reporting winners on the Hitlist thread. I will go through that to catch up though I see El Gran Senor had a winner on Thursday with Martel in the 2.35. And welcome to the Hitlist Paul Wilcox, who had a winning nap with Twilight Jet, advised at 11/4 with an SP of 2/1. Nice work, Paul.

Will post my nap soon. Oh, the blog had a winner too yesterday with Siskany at 3/1. The nap today is Buzz in the Cesarewitch at 8/1 BOG.

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at The Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day.

Good luck.



  1. Well done with Siskany, Joe – one of those that seemed such an obvious winner afterwards!
    Has to be a foolhardy Cesarewitch (3.35) tip today- seeing the ‘value’ (no coughing plz) disappear on Live Your Dream this morning will be daring and nap a reverse forecast on that and Calling the Wind. Of the Mullins runners I liked Greg Wood’s tip of Foveros the most but today’s good going might be against that one.
    NB: Straight Answer in the Dewhurst (2.55) 11/2.


  2. For the 2nd time in the last 4 posts on the Guardian my post was removed last night without giving me the dignity of a Red Card.
    Maybe the Ref didn’t want to openly humiliate me even further than I do myself but I I don’t want pity.
    Neither do I want your pity as I think I can still pull of the Winners Hitlist this month.

    The Dewhurst used to be my 2nd favourite Race of the year.
    The promise that Try My Best, Monteverdi or Storm Bird will emulate Nijinsky or Mill Reef in their Classic year.
    The fact the promise might not be fulfilled is beside the point.
    Indeed the last Dewhurst winner to go on to win the Guineas and Derby (morally) was EGS but as recently as TDH, Churchill and Gleneagles and the 2 Approaches that seemed possible.

    Today has the worst line up in my lifetime. 6 of the 8 are sired by Stallions who failed to win a race of any description beyond 6 Furlongs.
    The only question for those 6 is can they stay a mile at 3 not can they get even 9F.
    It looks like a dry run for the Commowealth Cup.
    APOB is using his Tenebrism tactic in running a Horse who has not run since April but that trick doesn’t work twice.
    I would have preferred to see the 3 he runs in the Autumn Stakes running in the Dewhurst instead.
    He is heavy handed again with 8 runners the best of which may be Bluegrass in the Zetland.
    The Zetland will be a better watch as 4 of the last 5 winners were subsequently placed in a 12F Classic.
    My nap is in the 22.46 at Keeneland. Order of Australia win only. He has run well in defeat on recent years and is far superior on firm surfaces and may be an Autumn Horse.
    My N.B is Empress Josephine e.w. in the 21.44 at Keeneland. If you discount that crazy usage of her in the Vermeille she has also been running well.
    These two tips will have to wait to appear till Monday on the Winners thread.


    1. “my post was removed last night without giving me the dignity of a Red Card”

      EGS, it’s the sinister type of refereeing where the official doesn’t flourish the red card on the pitch but comes into the dressing room at half time and puts a pillow over your face. Soon you begin to doubt that you ever had such thoughts.


  3. Bin suroor to get a few winners today!

    3.35 Live your dream 9-1 EW (8P) NAP
    This one was bigger but I see has been put up by Hugh Taylor. has an obvious shout in the big race today after it’s last run giving all the weight. High draws seem a positive.

    5.00 last look 20-1 NB
    Could be flung in. Or could blow out.

    Otherwise it’s Good to see the Jumps back at Chepstow! Time for NH season to really kick in


    1. Ah old Hugh, that explains the price crash..only downside I see to LYD is it’s a massive race for the apprentice on board but he’s obviously rated highly, been used by top trainers this season like Haggas and Johnston and will be pretty confident you’d think after his four-timer last weekend! Still, I’d be worried about several of the wiser old heads getting their mounts positioned better after the first two miles at that price…


  4. Todays losing EW Nap is Mondammej 15:15 York…Brittain has only one runner today and the jock Cam Hardie has only 2 rides…7plcs currerntly 22/1


  5. Saturday tips are the hardest – the quantity and quality of the racing make low hanging fruit hard to find. Good cards all over though and proper NH for those that don’t count the summer jumps πŸ™‚

    Sounds Russian can hopefully carry the burdon of the nap in the Hexham 3.20 ( 9/4 if lucky) and its an EW NB ten minutes later in the Chepstow 3.30 and Blackstair Rocco for Emmet Mullins whose raiders from acroos the water are always worth a look ( 10s currently).

    Lots of good sport ahead and a Scotland game at 5pm so bring it on..


  6. My Nap has already been tipped, so I won’t condemn it by mentioning the horse here.
    On the Guardian comments – I do think the moderators are particularly over zealous at the weekend – this may be because any slightly contentious comment won’t get seen as quickly by the legal team, so they play safe and pull it.
    Comments are also very different from articles they have published; articles can be scrutinized beforehand, whereas comments have not been, yet if it appears on their site, they may be liable to legal action as they actively moderate their site, so anything NOT removed they can be held to account for.


  7. Too late to nap Goldspur – bugger, I could have had one there, but the one bet of the day has paid off. Hip, Hip. Have decided to bet, and nap therefore, Live your Dream in the Ces, thought I’m sure I’ve said that before somewhere.


  8. It’s been a while, but finally a profit on a Saturday πŸ™‚
    Double on Bay Bridge and Native Trail, EW double on Dubai Poet and Buzz (plus a little on the nose), and may not be done yet… Not a big profit, but feels good to score a few after weeks of poor performers!
    Good NAP Joe.


    1. And courtesy of Dilton – an EW double on 3.30 Rowland Ward and 5.0 Last Look πŸ˜› Though I missed the P Hobbs Duo – hope some of you didn’t!!.
      Looking forward to the jumps


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