Talking Horses Monday October 11th 2021

Good to see Mickle follow up a successful Saturday with 15/2 winner Spanish Star. Looking set for another run, Mickle. Well done. And Rakib scores with Longseior at 7/2. Nice work.

Let me know if I’ve missed you out by posting on the Winners thread.

The blog’s nap was stone last. Nap for Monday is Volatile Analyst at 9/2, 4.10 Musselburgh.

I will update the spreadsheet Hitlist on Monday afternoon.


  1. Jeez it’s back to Monday again somehow ….
    A quid or two in a few !

    1.20 Dandys Max 8-1 ew NAP
    Changed yards and last run was a jog round Hamilton. It has previous form under old trainer at this track and won’t mind the soft ground.

    4.10 Eagleway 14-1 ew

    Taking a total Flyer on this one after the wind op. Ran a cracking race at ascot over 7F off a decent break.

    Kempton 7.00 Mishal star 5-1 ew NB

    Drops into handicap after runs in listed races. Handles AW no bother.


  2. As there doesn’t seem to be any Racing of interest in Ireland for me ’till Thursday I will look to Yarmouth tomorrow for my nap.
    I know this is a serious place to blood a 2 yo. All the Grand Masters like Cecil, Stoute and Gosden used this Racecourse.
    Another Grand Master was da Vinci.
    In the 13.00. I nap Salvator Mundi at 13/2. At least we get to see the Horse. I don’t think I will ever get to see the da Vinci original of Salvator Mundi as it is apparently offshore in an Yacht .
    Salvator Mundi at 13.00 at Yarmouth is my nap.


    1. As a devotee of Italian Renaissance painting, EGS, you will know that the Salvator Mundi you refer to – the one that is not open to public view (it’s believed to be in a Swiss freeport shed rather than on a superyacht in the Gulf) and owned by the de facto owner of Newcastle United FC – is at best only attributed wholly or in part to Leonardo da Vinci. At the very least its authorship is disputed. It has always looked a bit chocolate boxy to me. As for the 2yo at Yarmouth, Bjorn Nielsen’s Saviour of the World sets his stall out to be a good horse with a name like that, doesn’t it. (Bit surprised Sue Magnier didn’t have the name on her extensive reserve list.) But is he the real deal?

      As a London resident I can go every day to the National Gallery to enjoy paintings that are indisputably by Leonardo – and in my view far more profound and moving than that one stuck behind a wall of jostling tourists in Paris.


      1. Harry, a late reply as I was busy posting on a forum to which you can never darken it’s doorstep.
        I know that painting is not Bona fide. I don’t need questionable experts to tell me what looks like a Da Vinci or a Caravaggio or not. When I get socked in the mouth I know the authorship


        1. Straddling both forums like a horseracing colossus, egs… though I dare say the ‘saviour of the world’ might see it as serving God and Mammon , which we all know is impossible.


  3. Racing on the soft side of tricky today…Where did the jumps go! Anyway,,,Clay Reggazonia carries the nap Muss 5.20 ( 9/2 or so) and Victory Angel in the 3.35 is a shot at a NB. ( 15/2).


  4. Nap: Beryl Burton, 2.40 Yar. 16/5.
    NB: Special Mayson 4 25 Yar. 13/8
    Treble with Infrared 4.00 Wolves. Evens. Buick on board there, interesting to see if he can peg OM back a bit more today. He has a bunch of favourites.


    1. The Bu not having the best day, Infra being a second NR for him, after being backed to odds on. Beryl Burton probably suffering from a bad draw, a marked-up 4th.


  5. First nap for a few days. BAGUE D’OR in the 14:05 at Yarmouth.

    I see EGS has made a solid start to the Auldchiel Bòoby Prize for October with a last place for Order of Australia at Keeneland on Saturday with 61 points. Worse still, I followed EGS over the cliff.


    1. Jonathan,
      Yes we are leading with 61 points each unless there are very shy individuals who refuse to out themselves as nappers of Horses who finish last.
      I thought it was a slow start to October but it is now game on.


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