Talking Horses Tuesday October 12th 2021

It’s good to see Alan bounce back onto the Hitlist with a 2nd place for EW nap Fools Rush In at 16/1. Nice work, Alan.

Rakib follows up yesterday with another NB winner – Special Mayson, advised 13/8: SP 11/10. Well done, Rakib, you are having a good October.

The nap Khagan struck for Jakebuckfast at 5/2 (advised) returned 7/4. Good to see your pistons firing again, Jake.

David shows he’s still in outstanding October form with his nap Clay Rezagonia advised at 9/2 winning at 7/2. Great stuff, David.

If I’ve missed anyone, please give me a shout via the Winners thread.

I don’t know about picking winners, but I’ve become a master at napping non runners. From memory, three of my last six have been withdrawn (perhaps connections are readers here). Today I go for Able Kane at 11/2 BOG in the 3.50 Leiciester.

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at The Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day. There is a Winners Thread for each month.

What This Blog Is For

As mentioned above this long-running Steeplechasing blog was adapted in a hurry when The Guardian announced they were cutting back on their (usually) daily Talking Horses section. Many punters had gathered there over the years to exchange ideas and fancies. Part of the adapting we had to do at the start of this blog was restricting this daily main article to tips/naps, while we found our feet regarding house rules, moderation and stuff like that.

We are now in a position to open this main daily article to all subjects. It can be very enjoyable when something is latched onto by our knowledgeable, quick-witted posters as they indulge in wordplay and jousting. We still want tips of course, from those who want to tip. It’s by no means an obligation.

If you do post a tip/nap, just include it with whatever subject you are discussing, preferably at the foot of your post. So long as you remember to come back after a winner and put the details of that win in the monthly Winners Thread, then we can include you on the Hitlist in the next day’s main article.

General guidance: No swearing, please. We’re not prudes, it’s just that there is wide scope in the swearword lexicon and we do not have moderators (and hope we’ll never need them). Also, please keep discussions on politics and religion to The Lounge section, though brief references to these subjects in the main article are not forbidden.

Thanks for looking in. If you are betting, especially if you follow our tipsters, good luck with your bets, but please bear in mind that this is meant to be ‘fun’. There are many wise heads posting tips here and we haven’t yet gone a day without somebody tipping a winner. But never bet more than you can afford to lose. Small stakes can still produce wide smiles.

All the best


  1. Hearing scurrilous rumours that Oisín Murphy was masquerading as a vet at Wolverhampton yesterday before heading off to Kempton. Would make a great Carry On film that. Anyway, not totally sure of William Buick’s height but tomorrow’s nap is his appropriately-named ride Midgetonamission, around 9/2, 2.40 Leicester. To balance that, will put up Oisín’s ride in the 4.25, La Hulotte (13/2, e/w 5 places) as the nb. 🤞🏽


  2. A pretty strong 13.15 at Punchestown with names I have actually heard of. I will nap Ballyadam at 8/13 but am wary of the direct rivals.
    My n.b is the French import Laishann at 14.20 trained by Ming The Merciless at 2/1.
    Low risk bets but you’ve got to keep to keep the scoreboard ticking over, got to show game management, slow down the tempo of my rivals for the October Winners list, etc.


      1. I think if you remember Ballyadam’s sketchy hurdling last season that fall shouldn’t be much of a surprise (or suprise) – I wonder if instead of bonus points egs should face a doping inquiry! He’s not giving anyone else a chance to get the boøby prize. 😒


        1. Rakib,
          I believe it is impossible to do a premidated tip for a Horse to come last.
          If you tip a 250/1 shot it will come second last to a single figure priced Horse.
          If you really don’t believe your tip will not win then I guarantee it also won’t finish last.
          I am only the 2nd winner as Jonathan won the inaugural edition with a couple of last of 13/14s who were perfectly logical tips who he thought could win.


  3. Some tempting (for the greedy, basically that’s me) shorties abound today but will go for the half decently priced Able Kane in the Leicester 3.50 FWIW shorties are Maysong. Future King and Porsche Cavalier at Leicester.


  4. Two horses who finished first and 2nd last time out ahgain today at huntingdon – one over hurdles rather than fences.

    There is Achy Breaky Heart for Milton in the 4.15, and the winner on a 4 time Railway Mulce in the 4.50. the latter gets the nap at 4-1. The former has found too good last 2 days but hopefully today can dot up as NB.

    Well done Jake on his recent winners, he always says well done to everyone else and he’s been banging them in lately!


  5. I’ve had a couple of emails from people that didnt get the weekends info email,no excuses, I messed up . Sorry.
    If you didnt get one or want to be on the list just email me at and my secretary who is looking and feeling so much better will add you and be sending them out in future.
    The 2 cancer charities who will benefit from winnings are Oxfords Churchill Hospital Cancer Unit and which provides mobile cancer treatment units to rural areas.


  6. Congratulations to the successful selectors of their naps yesterday, If only I followed them i might be able to get my Alligator racing track built, As EDS kindly pointed out on ‘the dark side’ my own ability to select winning naps is somewhat lacking. It doesn’t help when I placed my biggest bet of the last couple of weeks on his selection (Order of Australia) last Saturday.

    My nap for today is TONYX in the 15:40 at Huntingdon. (Current price 11/2). She was a fairly useful performer on the flat and has shown some promise over hurdles, although she did fall last time out.

    Another horse of interest to me is COSMOS RAJ in the 19:30 at Newcastle.


  7. Do we have a fave for Jockey championship? I suppose Buick hasn’t wont it before so it would be nice for him but tricky to pull back 5 races or so in a few days – pre the new rule he’d doubtless be on two meetings a day and calling in favours from all other!


    1. Nice tipping, D! As for the jockey’s title race looks like pulling one a day back would do it for Buick now – could be a very important win (a ‘two-pointer’!) for him there at the end at Leicester after his disastrous luck most of the previous 24 hours. Keeps things interesting if nothing else! I think Oisín is a very likeable guy and supremely talented but one too many misdemeanours probably means Buick is slightly more deserving this year.


  8. My EW Nap is Mutanaaseq 20:30 12/1 Sky 5 plcs.. Insanely going for Ruth Carr again….Need Help here…on paddy Power ..Jordan Electrics going out from 6/1 to 15/2…my tip has come in from 16/1 to 12s…the last time that the 2 met at Ponte Jordan was carrying 3lb more and beat my tip by a neck finishing 5th and 6th… tonight they both carry the same 9.10 so in theory Jordan should still have the beating of my tip. Anywat the result will tell. Also completely new jock on my mount Joanna Mason.


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