1. I spent time in Rheims (or Reims) and Rouen last week both strongly associated with Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc).
    I have never been to Compiegne which is supposed to have a nice Gothic Cathedral. Just outside the town Jeanne was captured by the Burgandians.
    I notice Owners/Trainers continually send Horses with an association to her to Compiegne Racecourse usually with a macabre nod to her demise.
    Do they really believe this superstious stuff works?
    There is a Horse with a positive name called Rue Dauphine which alludes to her facilitation of the Coronation of the Dauphin at Reims.
    The rest are gruesome; Light of Power, La Wood, Wildwood, Vulcanus, Fifty Days of Fire, Enjoy The Silence and Sudden Death. The last named is particularly distasteful. Leaving aside the contempt it shows for her ending would you call any pet Sudden Death?
    I suppose it appears less nasty in a second language. Mort Subite might be acceptable in the English speaking world except it is also the name of a Belgian Beer not to be drunk even for a dare.
    My nap is in the 12.50 at Compiegne. Bonfire Heart is 4/1 and trained by the Belgian left wing back as his hobby.


      1. One of the many things i like about EGS posts are you never know which bits are true or slightly more fanciful. A bit like at the start of Only Connect when each contestant gets introduced with an interesting fact about themselves. eg “Bobs claim to fame is that he played Begbie in a school production of Trainspotting”

        it took me years to realise many of these may not be the full truth


        1. David,
          My nap in the 12.50 at Compiegne didn’t land which must be a relief to you in terms of the October Winners Hitlist as you must have been looking over your shoulder at my steady quiet progress.
          All those Horse names are really on today’s Racecard at Compiegne.
          The same thing happen at Reims Racecourse.
          After her capture she was ransommed to the Bishopric of Rouen for the charge of Heresy under Canon Law. She was never charged by a Court under the Jurisdiction of an English King. It is a common misconception.


          1. I am sure you know the awe-inspiring silent film “La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc” directed by Carl Dreyer. But have you seen it with the sung accompaniment by the Orlando Consort? This clip gives a flavour:


            1. Harry,
              Never seen that scored version.
              I did go to see ‘Day of Wrath’ by Dreyer in the BFI with a Pit Orchestra conducted by somebody very famous who I can’t remember and google won’t help.
              I think the Everyman in Hampstead is where I first saw
              La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc.
              When I was in Rouen I went to the audiovisual centre that revolves around her 2 Trials and whilst it is boring from a Historical perspective (we ALL know that stuff) the 360 degree Cinema loop kept me hypnotised.
              Ingrid Bergman surprisingly moved me even though she was the wrong age.
              There was someone very young and I never knew Clemence Poesy played her but every time a new screen opened I looked for Falconetti.
              The Danish austerity of pared down lines.
              Falconetti will always be the representation of Jeanne d’Arc to me.


  2. NAP Anyharminasking, 1.55 Uttoxeter, 5/2 or so…..

    Going through a very very lean time!! Well done to the winning tipsters!


    1. Missed the race….had to go outside to take a phone call….my EW Nap was going to be Woven but I rejected it because off by the price….lesson learnt


  3. Tried a small lucky ew15 today currently stands at Canford star placed 100/1…Superior force placed 6/1….Due a win placed 11/1 and awaiting the next which is Key look 15/2 to win


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