Talking Horses Tuesday October 26th 2021

The Hitlist gets hotter in this final week of October … catching up on Sunday, RobJ had a winning nap in Allmankind at 9/4, and followed up yesterday with another in Steinkraus (nap) at 5/2. Great work, Rob.

Rakib scored yet again with Eklat De Rire, advised 5/6, won 10/11. Well done.

Mickle is back with 2/1 winner Tipperary Tiger – nice one, Mickle.

Alan scored again with his NB Ballyare at 8/1 – good stuff, Alan, well done.

If I’ve missed anyone, please give me a shout via the Winners thread.

The blog’s nap ran a lousy race yesterday. Hoping for better with Champagne Rhythm at 9/2 BOG in the 4.15 Chepstow.

As ever, please leave your naps/tips by making a comment below. All welcome, especially newcomers; just enter a name when asked so we know who is who. No prizes, but it’s good fun here among some seasoned punters, most of whom spent years commenting at The Guardian on the original Talking Horses forum, which has now been heavily cut back.

If you tip a winner, please use the Winners thread to highlight your result and we’ll put you on the Hitlist next day. There is a Winners Thread for each month.

What This Blog Is For

As mentioned above this long-running Steeplechasing blog was adapted in a hurry when The Guardian announced they were cutting back on their (usually) daily Talking Horses section. Many punters had gathered there over the years to exchange ideas and fancies. Part of the adapting we had to do at the start of this blog was restricting this daily main article to tips/naps, while we found our feet regarding house rules, moderation and stuff like that.

We are now in a position to open this main daily article to all subjects. It can be very enjoyable when something is latched onto by our knowledgeable, quick-witted posters as they indulge in wordplay and jousting. We still want tips of course, from those who want to tip. It’s by no means an obligation.

If you do post a tip/nap, just include it with whatever subject you are discussing, preferably at the foot of your post. So long as you remember to come back after a winner and put the details of that win in the monthly Winners Thread, then we can include you on the Hitlist in the next day’s main article.

General guidance: No swearing, please. We’re not prudes, it’s just that there is wide scope in the swearword lexicon and we do not have moderators (and hope we’ll never need them). Also, please keep discussions on politics and religion to The Lounge section, though brief references to these subjects in the main article are not forbidden.

Thanks for looking in. If you are betting, especially if you follow our tipsters, good luck with your bets, but please bear in mind that this is meant to be ‘fun’. There are many wise heads posting tips here and we haven’t yet gone a day without somebody tipping a winner. But never bet more than you can afford to lose. Small stakes can still produce wide smiles.

All the best


  1. The 12.40 at the Curragh has a horror/fastcinaion for me.
    Arguably the most successful living Dam in the World is You’resothrilling. She has been monogamous to Galileo for all her 9 Racing Foals to date. The 9th runs today called Toy. This is a Sue Magnier 3 letter Horse name like Was and And.
    Toy is a full sibling to 3 Classic winners (Gleneagles, Marvelous and Joan of Arc) and an European Champion 2yo Filly (Happily).
    The 3 runts in the pack were Vatican City (2nd Irish 2000 Guineas), Taj Mahal (4th French Derby) and Coolmore (winner G3 Weld Stakes).
    In opposition is a J.Harrington 400,000 Filly called Ha Ha Ha.
    She is a Dark Angel and I can hear the voice from Nelson from the Simpsons when the Gavel landed down on that final bid.
    After Joan of Arc won her Spring maiden I advised 33/1 for the 1,000 Guineas but she briefly lost her way before becoming 2nd in the Irish 1,000 Guineas and winning the Diane.
    There is no correlation between a good tip and the end result.
    My nap today is Toy in the 12.40 at the Curragh around 3/1.
    She has to overcome huge self esteem issues as her one year old sister is called Joan of Arc and she is called Toy.


    1. It is a brave person who selects an unraced horse in a 22 runner maiden fillies maiden in October when many of the runners may have their autumn woolies on as it’s unlikely to be Hotter Than Hades at The Curragh.

      One of the lesser known stories in both The Bible and Quran is the story of Shem who built a Toy Ark as a child which was later used as a prototype for his father’s large scale project to save all the world’s species from climate change.

      Because Dreams Are Free and based on my Hazy Mehmory and following the Rules of Attraction I will confidently do an Exacta Box on Toy and Ark, I am trusting this bet will Give Grace and stop the River Rain, I will Keep An Eye out during the race and hopefully More Tart for tea,


        1. If only we could all dissociate ourselves from our posts.
          That is an unknown Biblical story to me. It is spooky that so many Racehorses in that race are so closely connected and it must mean the Apocalypse is upon us all.
          My Son made a Lego model of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars a few years ago. I will use it to build my literal escape from this planet (the metaphorical escape occured long ago).


      1. Very interesting titbit, JD, I’ll have to check my copies of both good books! Bets should be doubles today I guess…btw, EGS mentions Taj Mahal which was of course built by a Mughal (or Mogul as it sometimes spelt) Emperor, Mogul being a horse for whom you might be said to have a fat-scination (to re-misspell that word) -a good spell of fast-cinaion might help that one, and less time on the Ballydoyle sofa watching TOWIE (or TOY-IE) reruns!


  2. An interesting Card at Chepstow today.

    4.15 9/4 Getaround Nap
    Good form for Ella Pickard. Stable switch to Skelton yard. Good ground fine. Harry highlighted this one a few days ago after Getalead won.
    4.50 8-1 EW Opine NB (4 places)
    Ran a good last race. Looked like wouldn’t mind step up in trip.


  3. Interesting thought as ever EGS on the 12.40. I may play along on Toy with you but its a good looking race. One of those that suggests the answer to the question can Britain catch up with Ireland soon is a definitive No.

    They say that Man Plans and God Laughs, do you think that laugh is like Nelson from the Simpsons? Or is it more a rueful chuckle? Or something more sinister? A question for theologian’s or maybe comedians ( perhaps they are the same?). I’m sure most could do ten minutes on the sound of Gods laugh? it could be funny, thoughtful and they’d get to make amusing noises. Three wins.

    Three wins is also what I got yesterday from the naps noted by Joe from hit list so cheers,. it was a Yankee and the horse that broke the 4 was my own who wouldn’t settle in a slow run race – forcing the Jockey into the lead well over a circuit out. When you see your horse coming round the top of the hill at Ayr in front you may as well dump your ticket….it made a good fist of the fight though and was only done a length at the end miles clear of anything else…

    Today we’ll have Representing Bob which I bet at 9 to 4 last night and is now evens Bangor 2.48 as the nap an the NB can be A night in Milan again who was short headed Friday and even though it seems a bit of a quick turnaround id kick myself if not mentioned ( Newcastle 4.00).


  4. The aforem’d Ha Ha Ha is a NR so no nap today. Only joking. Nap is Fine Lace, the Juddmonte Frankel filly for Weld/Keane who got withdrawn the other day. 7/4, 2.55 at the Curragh, not Chantilly sadly. Interesting Harrington debutant too could be an e/w play against it. E/W nb is Chacha Dancer, 13/2, (up to 6 places) in the race after. Was away slowly when well-fancied last time.


    1. Fine Lace drifted out badly, tipping the wink that she might find things tough first time out. Did ok for 6th but not a nap-py performance. Chacha needs to sort her starts out..a 5 from the judges overall for her but clung on for 6th place at least.


  5. Better lay of the drinks….especially in the context of horse names…NB ew Rapid Raider 15:55 Bangor 10/1….Lucinda Russell to hopefully do the business again after her winner at Newcastle last night..


      1. I wish….but i only do 2 days a week at an ambulance station…the only reason i keep working is the paramedic guys and girls are some of the nicest people that you would want to meet and are great to work with..


  6. Many thanks everyone for the comments…heartfelt … my tips at the moment are mostly down to luck rather than take them with a pinch of salt.


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