Will We Try The 21-22 Ten To Follow?

Update, November 9th.

The tote have a League function in the TTF, though it’s unclear to me for now exactly how it works, and you cannot start one until you have a stable to put in it. I’ll do that tomorrow and report back. Hopefully others who want to join it from this blog can do so.

It looks like having a syndicate entry is not going to be straightforward, and I wondered how you feel about giving/taking a share in the entries of others in our league – strictly on a gentleman’s agreement basis? For example, say that each of us in this league pledges to donate 10% if winning the top prize (or sharing the top prize), that 10% to be split among the remaining entrants in our league. Please respond in the comments to this idea and offer your own ideas.



The first business I set up on leaving the Tote in 2004 was called Lazybet Ltd. It was structured to allow syndicate betting in large pools (like the TTF, which was worth around half a million then), by the ‘man in the street’. Big syndicates had been cleaning up in pools like the scoop6 and it was hard to beat them. My hope was that the man in the street, without knowing anything about racing, could chuck in a fiver and we could build a ‘public’ syndicate to take on the big guns.

We raised over £40k for the first one (we were waiting for Harchibald in that Champion Hurdle to land us a big prize) and were already planning the next one when the then Financial Services Authority wrote to me saying this syndicate structure was a grey area in which they would like to ‘test the law’ to see if it ought to include such organisations in the rules covering Collective Investment Schemes. They asked for the name of my barrister. Sadly, I could not afford to give them their seemingly on-a-whim wish to ruin me if the test case didn’t go my way.

Anyway, I’ve always though the idea was sound. Now I wonder if we can resurrect in a small way through this blog and get everyone’s selections, plan the perms, gather the stake money and have a tilt at the Ten To Follow for this jumps season?

We’d have to find a way of assessing the structure of fitting individual selections into perms so the best chance of winning would result. In the Lazybet days we built a spreadsheet that could model different set-ups; for example, 2 graded chasers, 3 graded hurdlers, 2 novice chasers etc etc. The prize arrangement was different in 2004.

We’d need a legal agreement protecting all participants.

I’d be grateful for your thoughts in the comments section below this article.

All the best.


  1. Carberry went too soon on Harchibald.
    Eddery went too soon on my moniker in the ’84 Derby.
    I am up for anything as I know my relationship with my Bookie can hardly deteriorate further.


  2. I’d be happy to put into a pool – not sure how the picking system would work,,, Like others (more successful napsters than me), but I did put a small AP on Abracadabras recently – reckon there is more magic to come (bada boom).


    1. I’m trying to remember what Abracadabras actual name is without looking. It’s slightly different ..maybe just minus the ‘r’..similar thoughts though on Joe’s idea. Simple idea might be hard to execute. Hard enough one of us getting a nap right..and then it could be a case of too many cooks…


  3. I think a betting syndicate is good idea Joe. I’d be happy to be involved. We could even donate some percentage of any winnings to charity.


  4. Joe, just to add my twopenneth. Apologies as I hadn’t looked too much into it previously. It seems this Tote TTF stuff is a bit like NH Fantasy Football.

    The benefit of us joining forces would be that we can cover more permutations (although I suspect even then we will be fairly limited as I presume you will be restricted to 1 team per email address ?).

    What I’d say is we probably need to have a list of must have / bankers then another list of slightly darker horses and we all pick 10 from those lists.

    Personally I’d say if we are adopting this approach we carve it up equally.


    1. Thanks, Jamie. I think we’ve run out of time on this and it’s probably best left to next year when we can put more into the planning. Deadline is Saturday.


  5. Hi Joe, agreed. We will need a bit more time to plan it properly but we’ll hose up next year so no worries.

    I looked into it a bit more and it seems there is no restriction on the amount of entries per person so we should be able to have a good crack at it.

    I’ll try and whack a team in before the deadline to get a bit more acquainted but based on my tipping prowess don’t go looking for me at the top of the leaderboard.

    Comartun, re your suggestion of a Cheltenham syndicate. Happy to throw my hat in the ring / contribute etc….. Anything that keeps a bit of interest in a few big races won’t hurt.


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