Horsetalk Sunday November 28th 2021

What a day – an action-packed Ladbroke Trophy and the birth of a chasing superstar in the shape of Ahoy Senor about whom Peter Scudamore said, ‘He’s the best horse I’ve ever had anything to do with’.*

And what a fantastic nap by Rakib, who nailed the big winner Cloudy Glen EW. Superb work, Rakib.

Alan napped Ahoy Senor at 5/2 – must be the least worrying selection you ever made, David; nice one.

Gforce is back with Elle Est Belle at 2/1: well done, David. And catching up from Friday, both David and Jamie napped Beggarman, 10/11. Good stuff.

*Edit to add that Peter backed off this statement on the Nick Luck podcast on November 28th, watering it down to just those horses of Lucinda’s he had knowledge of.

Betfair Naps Table

Starting November 1st 2021, Betfair have kindly agreed to provide two tickets each month to the winner of the naps table for one of their sponsored racedays.

Please post your nap each day using the comments section below this thread. All welcome. You need not post every day and can join in at any point in the month, as one big priced winner could win you the prize, which is settled on the tipster showing the biggest profit at the end the month. But, bear in mind that on days your name does not appear on the Daily Naps Results winners list, you’ll be assumed to have picked a loser.

For example, if at the end of the month your name is on the list once with a 25/1 winner, you will have your £250 profit from that nap deducted from assumed losing stakes for each other day. Assuming a 30-day month, your total stakes would be viewed as £300, returns as £260, for a loss of £40. I hope this makes sense. If you can think of a better way or a way to express this more clearly, please leave a comment below.

You need post only the horse’s name, but feel free to elaborate on your reasons for picking it.

If your selection secures a return – EW naps are allowed – please post the result in the Winners Thread stating it was your nap and mentioning the SP. Non runners will be settled as a break even day.

Profit will be calculated to a £10 stake on each selection. EW selections will be staked at £5EW.

All naps will be settled at SP, so please do not include an early price. This will help maintain clarity and reduce the chances of disputes. We will use standard place rules a la Tattersalls to settle EW naps. Otherwise I need to start checking place offers, non runners affecting it, etc. Doubtless some will suffer because of this, but I think it will even out in the end.

This Site

This site is open to all. It’s free and there’s no need to enrol formally, but if commenting, please choose a username when making your comment.

We discuss horse racing mostly, but have a Lounge if you want to bring up any other subject.

You are welcome to enter our Daily Naps Challenge – a fun competition for which Betfair kindly donates two Raceday tickets every month for the winner.

The rules for the site are basic: be kind to everyone, and please don’t swear. We are not prudes, but we do not have a moderator other than me – Joe McNally, and I don’t want to spend a lot of time monitoring the site. If you see something you want to report, you can do so confidentially using the Contact page.

Finally, there are some hardened and skilled tipsters here and each has their good and bad runs. When one starts a good run, it can seem to the less experienced that all prayers have been answered, and a holy grail of winners has been found. But please never make that assumption. It’s not the way things work in betting, for anyone. Sharks flogging baited tips would have you believe that this holy grail does exist. Well, there is a collective punting experience on this site numbering, I’d say, close to 500 years. Not a single tipster here will tell you that reliable profits can be made from betting racehorses.

So, this is not a mild and dutiful problem betting disclaimer. I’ve been in the business since 1971 and have seen any amount of God’s misery caused by betting beyond means. Punting is a brilliant pastime, but a horrible compulsion, a fantastic servant, but a dreadful master. Never bet more than you can afford to lose with a smile … and there’s plenty of big smiles in small stakes.

Good luck



  1. Getting in early with one at Fairyhouse tommrow.
    Not sure why it’s such a big price as i think he has solid form and ran well last time on seasonal debut. Slight drop in trip here should suit. Racheal Blackmore on Board.

    Midnight Run EW Nap (12-1 Skybet 4 places)

    I also fancy a small Flyer on Ecliar de beaufeu EW at a big price 20s+ in the 3.00. Good luck folks.


  2. I think we’re going to brave the weather and head to Leicester for the racing tomorrow. We were last there on the bank holiday when my girlfriend wanted to back Katie’s Kitten but decided against it because the odds of 100 to 1 suggested it had no chance.


  3. Good evening Joe…i was surprised to see that your hadn’t napped Ahoy Senor…but what a brilliant job it did today a joy to watch on the replays..keep the faith


  4. I mentioned rabbits and hats to egs so it makes sense to nap Magic Tricks in that competitive 3.10 race at Fairyhouse where Steely has gone for the bigger price stablemate of Elliott’s. Will also tip his Abacadabras to follow 👑 Honeysuckle 👑 home (at an appropriate social distance of course) in the Hatton’s Grace prior. It sounds like she’s more advanced in her prep this year so betting against Honeysuckle seems very unwise especially since Klassical Dream isn’t turning up -even if the latter is more of a stayer now (and a good bet for that race at Cheltenham) his class might have exploited any slight lack of fitness. Anyway, it’s always a treat to watch her race regardless so looking forward to that tremendously. Roll on the hat-trick 🎩.


  5. Broome at 17/1 in the Japan Cup e.w. is my nap.
    Japan at 50/1 is big in Japan but hard Races at 3 knocked the stuffing out of him long ago.


  6. Stones and roses nap (fairyhouse, 14:05). Let’s be honest this meet is all about fil dor and honeysuckle, so a small double your money double is also on the cards.


    1. Great work yesterday, Mully.

      One of the recent problems I’ve had with this blog is its ignoring my comments (who could blame it?) and simply doesn’t publish them. I’ll try posting my nap in this space! It’s Midnight Run in the 1.35.

      Good luck!


  7. 3 on the tracker, all in the same race! Farout on jockey bookings doesn’t look the stables best though the price is very attractive, Mighty Potter is on the drift which leaves
    1305 Fairy My Mate Mozzie
    and me open to accusations of being a favourite backer. Really? I could have napped Honeysuckle!


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