1. I’ve never been a fan of Greg Wood , even when the G TH was in full swing .

    As a tipster simply listing the top rated OR in each race means if you dont get a guaranteed paycheck each month if he was betting to live he would be a skeleton in a month. Law of averages hits but come on ,get real .

    Wheres the inside info dug up from ,you have to get out and about around the yards to give your public an advantage .

    His writing always seemed to focus on anything negative about racing .Its almost as if hes a closet anti . It’s worse now ,much worse ,its wood by name and bloody wooden by nature.

    His obsession with Elliotts stupidity re surfaced in his review of the year article where he even managed to flank in Ginger MaCains view on female riders 50 odd years ago when praising Rachael Blackmores achievements this.

    Now ,on a busy holiday period with some classy events his whole article is yet another major love in about Briony ,talk about lazy journalism. God knows how he will react when Robbies appeal kicks off.

    I was spoilt re racing journos , there wasnt a day go by where you would not see one early mornings work watching ,scrounging a fry up at breakfast and ear wigging ,drinking Toby Baldings whisky or getting legless at Hannons and tapping up the lads for info down the pub at night.

    Their articles then had the flavour of the sport , who remembers George Ennors offerings ,they were insightful, full of genuine knowledge gleaned from his early morning visits . Julian Wilson’s ears were not just jug handles ,he never missed a trick ,I always swore he was a bloody lip reader or he was knocking off the same fillies as we were on the side.
    Richard OSullivan knew who was off before we did most of the time and tipped up horses who had been hidden for months and just gave you a knowing smile when you said why the friar tuck have you let that out.

    At the sports they were everywhere ,all the big names treated us on level terms ,it didnt matter if you trained 10 or 100.
    They knew their subject because they loved the game and the horse ,enjoyed betting and were involved. Some rode out , that was always worth a laugh but they mixed in and even helped out both at home or at the sports .

    Look at what you get now .Utter bloody drivel like Greg’s last 2 offerings are, driven by an anti agenda from on high, oddly there’s the faithfuls ” wheres the tips ” comment often asked as well then the fawning when a few pop up .

    Theres only one place you will be if you follow them regularly, up shit creek without a paddle.
    Happy Xmas .


    1. Well said Dilton. I don’t read Wood anymore and Richard Baerlein must be turning over in his grave.

      Mr Cook did the decent thing and is still worth a read on most aspects of the turf.


      1. I concur and always looked forward to Baerleins pieces. It isn’t only the Grauniad where the writing about racing has diminished to level where it is almost a waste of space. I sometimes shell out to get decent opinions about racing. Even Timeform can be weak eg when you buy their racing publication, as I probably will do at Wetherby on 27th, while the descriptions of the horses and times/ratings are excellent you don’t really get an in depth analysis of the race.


    2. Seems like Greg isn’t the only one living in the past. Your prejudice is preventing you from accepting the horrible truth about how Bryony was treated by Dunne. The words spoken were disgusting and premeditated which makes it worse. You talk about his apppeal well I hope it goes ahead and this time he is punished correctly by banning him from racecourses. Bryony’s victory is a watershed moment whether you like it or not. It took a lot of guts to report someone who is after all just a run of the mill jockey who somehow deluded himself into thinking he had been elevated to someone important.


      1. I had 50p with the Mrs that you would crop up asap ,concentrate on Briony and miss the point and main thrust about the journos.
        I never commented above on the rights and wrongs of the case so you are the one whose prejudiced and as usual way off.
        I’ve my own views based on personal knowledge though ,which yours are not. Theres a lot more to come out though which will give you plenty to mull over and give your opinions on Michael.


        1. If their is more to come via appeal he needs to be getting on with it. I would be surprised but I often am, being as three months were suspended he would run a risk of the suspension being rescinded particularly if an appeal was thought frivolous. He and his supporters seemed vexed about leaking of information but that was discussed and thought not to be mitigating. He also raised in mitigation the death of Liam Treadwell his best friend and the effect that had on him, they also thought that not mitigating. No doubt he will be getting good advice but he was found guilty on four points…. rule j14. Thats pretty much it. Plenty of opportunity was available to produce more evidence. Saying their is a lot to come out seems provocative. But he could write a book about it all a bit likely Graham Bradley did…


    3. Greg Wood’s coverage of ‘racing’ feels like he’s looking for sponsorship from Animal Aid or something! It may well be driven on high by others at The Guardian, but that review of the year barely mentioned any of the excellent 3 year olds we had on the flat this year – seemed like a good season to me with plenty to focus on. Rachael Blackmore was brilliant, and you obviously had to mention the major negative stories, but there was little sign of a love for racing.
      And the Boxing Day piece, uuurgggh. You’ve got some great racing to cover and it’s all about Bryony’s chance to move on – I wish her all the best, but as a piece of racing journalism, it’s not great.
      I don’t think the bad news should be forgotten or ignored, but surely there’s plenty to enjoy and celebrate about racing this year. (And I do hope they’d stop hyping up the Irish-Britain rivalry too.)
      Best Wishes!


  2. The problem is journalism as a whole is dieing because they have to dumb down to compete with social media (which is where most people get their news nowadays). Identity politics is a big part of this problem. People don’t want facts and knowledge, they want to feel they are right and that’s enough for them. The guardian is one of the worst places for this (but all media outlets follow suit). It’s frustrating with regards to horse racing, because horse racing isn’t going away and neither is betting on said races, so you would have thought that educating people might be a good idea.


    1. There are still good writers at the Guardian – Marina Hyde, John Crace, Barney Ronay, Grace dent to name a few – some of the music writers are fine but often seem to be trying too hard to be PC ( or whatever) – Alexis P and Laura Snapes the best probably for me. Gred W tho is very poor , he was never much good but his endless sniping at racing is tiresome from a man who earns his living from the sport. I suspect his agenda is set from above but he’s very few positive things to say.


    2. Hello RobJ. I find it amazing that you think the Guardain is one of the worst places for “People don’t want facts and knowledge, they want to feel they are right and that’s enough for them.”

      Speechless, in fact. I shall have to turn to the fact based, Daily Express, Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Daily Star to catch up on facts and reality and find readers who don’t have a scrap of prejudice….

      The Guardian is the only major title which provides an alternative agenda to the pusillanimous cheer leading for the current Government one finds elsewhere. Definitely the worst Government and the worst leader in my lifetime by a very large margin.

      Apropos other comments about Greg Wood above, (not yours), it is inevitable that the major events which damaged the image of racing will be featured in end of the year reviews. I imagine every other racing journalist could be criticised in one way or another. Of course some will be better than others. Most of them are under a lot of pressure to produce a lot of copy.

      I also see that Greg Wood has published another piece today with a Boxing Day analysis, so it it not the case that the Guardian’s coverage has ceased over the break. Greg Wood is doing his best, I think. Who can reliably produce tips for every day’s races? It’s a ludicrous proposition. Top of the Naps table sits Farringdon, Morning Star tipster.

      The Bryony Frost story is the current talking point. It’s no surprise that it is commented on in respect of the King George. The majority of the general public are solidly behind her, as those in attendance were when she piloted Greaneteen to victory in the Tingle Creek.

      Chris Cook certainly did not mince his words about the Dunne /Frost case writing about the dangerous tendency to blame the victim. (Racing Post article – paywalled). You could argue that at least Greg Wood’s articles are not behind a paywall.

      For those with a deep interest in racing, there are indeed the specialist subscription papers like the Racing Post.

      Seasons Greetings to all.


  3. Have a great Xmas all on the Blog. Il be back with comment and involvement in the new year.
    Hope you all have a lucky Boxing Day and keep the winners rolling !


  4. Boston Emery in the 13.42 at Pau is my nap.
    Trained by A .Chaille-Chaille.
    Like the ex-Man Utd player Eric Djemba-Djemba, so good they named him twice.


    1. Lest we forget the father of Gary and Phil:-

      “ Neville Neville, You’re future’s immense,
      Neville Neville, You play in defence,
      Neville Neville, Like Jacko you’re bad,
      Neville Neville, Is the name of your dad.”


      1. My fave recent footy song, sung to to tune of “achy breaky heart” concerned a motherwell plyaer though im sure there are other versions..

        ” We’ve got Tait, Super Richard Tait
        i just dont think you understand
        He plays at number two, he’s better than Kaku
        We’ve got Super Richard Tait ”

        Repeat as many times as you like…


    2. I hope you saw Wamba Mamba last night in gulf so similar to GOING GLOBAL. First time in usa from 18 to 7/2 made my day.
      ARINDEL had good winner and 1 Out in gulf tnite..i might move to gulf had 3 winners last night.


  5. Merry Christmas everyone
    Thanks for some great tips and insightful comments this year
    Looking forward to Boxing day – an enthusiastic days betting already paid for by having a few Bob on Dans tip last week – kazontheraz then reinvesting on Champ. (The missus’s name who’s often on the raz)
    Cheers and good luck


  6. That chant would be a straight RC on the Guardian.
    Boston Emery is an also ran so I think my nap is null and void for the purposes of this competition.


  7. Merry Christmas, thanks to joe for making this forum available. It’s really appreciated. If you need support opening the thread next year. let me know I’d be happy to help out.


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