Horsetalk Saturday January 1st 2022

Happy New Year.

Naps Table Update

Our Napsters went out of 2021 with something of a whimper, only Rakib getting on the board with Ragnar Lodbrok EW – placed at 10/3.

Never mind, we have a whole new year ahead of us and a new Horsetalk home for the forum at I think it is at least fit for purpose as we start the year, but it’s the first time I’ve tried to do something like this, so doubtless there will be teething problems. Please let me know of any glitches once you visit.

This site will remain open, but all Horsetalk activity will move to as from now.

When you visit the site for the first time, click ‘members’ at the top right of the page. You’ll see a login button. Click that and you will see the button for new sign ups. Once you’ve signed up, you should simply log in then on all subsequent visits. There’s a profile section if you want to say anything about yourself and/or upload an avatar.

Let me know if you have any problems by using the contact page on the new site. I’ve already posted my nap for Saturday.

Betfair Naps Table December 2021 Winner

By my reckoning, I had a slightly higher profit than David, though I blush deeply to say so given David had a phenomenal 13 winners and one placed at 14/1 against my 3 winners and a NR. That gave me a profit after stakes deductions of £140. I make David’s profit £118.58. Honourable mentions for Rob J, Rakib, EGS and DN. As always, I’m happy to do a recount if I’ve made a mess of things.

I am unable to use the Betfair Race Tickets and, if there is no objection, I’d like to pass them on to David.

Well, that’s it. I’ll see you all over at



    1. Dulas ex hills first time in golden gate 2nd 22/1.
      I not bothered now with irish racing as i never meet any of the LADS anymore no one on bookys.
      A usa trainer VLADAMIR CERIN i been following did the business tnite st anita. I must stop backing in Gulf.i Even taxed the car…


  1. Elgransenor, Make sure that you have not included a full stop at the end of the url.

    It works O.K. for me. Several others have registered. The first reference to the url in Joe’s explanation has a full stop.


  2. Joe, I have registered without any problem. I can see all the members. However, I cannot see any comment thread………I’m sure I am doing something stupid but……………………….


  3. Are you not going to have separate daily threads on the new site, Joe? It’s getting hard to read when they run consecutively.


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