The Eddie Malloy Series

When I was young I’d while away my truancy days skulking from bookcase to bookcase in the library, usually clasping a Dick Francis book. Shortly after my 13th birthday I began visiting my local racing stables to help with the horses and further feed my dreams.

I never got to be a steeplechase jockey – I was too big, too lazy and, I now know, would not have been nearly tough enough. But when I was 35 I did get to meet one of my childhood heroes, Richard Pitman, a fine jockey and an even finer man. Richard and I met through work (at SiS) and I badgered him to take a look at a novel I’d been working on for some years. It was a kind of Dick Francis thriller (or so I thought) called Warned Off, and it was nowhere near good enough to publish.

Richard very kindly put a lot of work into the rough piece of writing, although he took some persuading to ‘share the glory’ by becoming my writing partner. We turned out six novels in the Eddie Malloy series over the years, publishing with Hodder & Stoughton, then with Harper Collins.

Once the rights reverted to us, we republished the series as eBooks on Amazon and other outlets, and they found something of a new lease of life. That caught us out in a way as we had, in Bet Your Life, effectively written the end of the series.

In 2015 Richard retired and, with his blessing, I decided to carry on with the series alone. The main problem was rearranging the chronology of Eddie’s life story. I did that by fitting new novels in a sort of ‘prequel’ manner after book five The Third Degree. Anyway, the series now consists of nine novels, although it should be ten.

The tenth novel is Bet Your Life – originally the last of the books Richard and I wrote together. The problem for me was rewriting it so that the series could continue beyond ten novels. That problem has become a major one because, despite numerous rewrites, I’m not happy with the quality of the story.  This is mid April 2018, and I will probably try again soon to make Bet Your Life work so that the series can continue.

In the meantime, listed below are screenshots from Amazon UK. they show the covers and the order in which the books are best read. After each screenshot is a link to buy on Amazon UK and one for In the next week or so I will include links to stores which supply other reading devices – Kobo, Apple etc.

Book One

warned off

Buy Warned Off at  . . .

Amazon UK

Book Two


Amazon UK

Book Three

blood ties


Amazon UK

Book Four

4 running scared

Amazon UK

Book Five

5 third degree

Amazon UK

Book Six

6 dead ringer

Amazon UK

Book Seven

7 aim high

Amazon UK

Book Eight

8 wild horses

Amazon UK

Book Nine

9 fys

Amazon UK




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